The Client List: Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant with On-screen Hubby’s Baby!

This past May, The Client List’s Jennifer Love Hewitt announced she was pregnant with her on-screen husband, Brian Hallisay’s baby. The couple worked together on NBC’s Love Bites, but they didn’t reconnect until 15 months later on their new hit series Lifetime’s The Client List. Miss Love was dating and engaged to Josh McCall in 2005 and the two split in 2008. She then dated Jamie Kennedy from 2009-2010. When she announced their baby news, Jennifer was about 3 months pregnant so, she’s about 5-6 months now. And boy is she glowing! Wetpaint interviewed this expectant mother at the launch of Pampers’ “Love, Sleep & Play” campaign in New York City on August 21 and she shed some light on her changing body and how she plans to lose the baby weight.

1. How do you feel?

I feel really good, thank you!

2. A lot of women struggle with the weight they put on during pregnancy. What’s your take on it?

As far as weight gain in concerned, I have to gain weight. I’m having a baby. It is not what people think about me right now – it’s about what I’m growing. And when I’m done with the pregnancy, it’s about being a good mom.

3. After the baby is born, will losing the weight be a priority?

No. The priority will be breastfeeding and making sure that baby is healthy in the first three to six months of its life and has the fairest chance of getting underway. I will come second at that point. And I will get back in shape when I want to, not when Hollywood wants me to.

4. Your outlook is so refreshing, especially in a day and age where we see so many Hollywood moms back in a bikini 30 days after giving birth.

You know, more power to the people who can do that. But that’s not who I am, that’s not who I’m going to be and that’s not who I’ve ever been. I just want to spend the first month or so falling love with my kid and being a good mom and I’ll probably be in dirty T-shirts and flannel pants. And that’s going to be how it is and I’ll be cute later.

I so admire and respect Jennifer’s decision and outlook on baby weight. Maybe she will start a new trend and show women that just because Hollywood expects you to just drop motherhood for the gym does not mean you have to. And it’s actually pretty dangerous to the body phyically and health wise. Doctors say it takes at least 18 months for a woman’s body to heal and go back to normal after giving birth. So hitting the gym when baby comes home is not recommended…at least not right away. Once you have your postpartum visit and are given the okay to resume normal activities, then weight loss is perfectly fine – in moderation! Way to go Jennifer for sticking it to Hollywood! I absolutely love her on The Client List and can’t get enough of it.

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