The Levels of Infp

INFP stands for introvert, intuitive, feeling and perceiving. It is one of the sixteen personality types of the Myers Briggs typology. Have you ever wondered about INFPS and mental growth? This article describes nine levels of INFP. Where do you rank?


  • Level 1 (At Their Best): The INFP becomes profoundly self-aware, and uses his/her talents to create a beautiful life for themselves and other people. They are compassionate, in-tune with the feelings of others, but they don’t lose their sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. Genuinely beaming with happiness.
  • Level 2: Becoming more happier, the INFP realizes his/her place in the world. They are more self-aware, willing to admit mistakes and flaws, and embraces everything about themselves and their environments.
  • Level 3: Is slowly becoming more confident. Has a more humorous perspective in life, and are enjoying life and having fun again. They may still have some ups and downs, but it doesn’t slow them down anymore.


  • Level 4: Happiness is coming into their life in full-speed; They are seeing life in a whole new light now. They may reject bad habits in favor of more healthier ones. They are inspired to become better in every way possible.
  • Level 5: Pretty average. Ups and downs, normally just quiet and watching everyone intently. Are proficient and going through life without feeling too happy or sad about it.
  • Level 6: Slowly starting to feel depressed. May realize he/she feels different from others, and becomes a shut-in. Sees the world from the inside out, but is too in pain emotionally to want to reach out. May “give up” on believing that they can find love or ideal friendships.


  • Level 7: Becomes angry and hostile, more depression seeping in. Becomes melacholy and doesn’t reach out for social interaction, though this isn’t always the case; They may become very arrogant, narcisstic, and may hurt other people to feel better about oneself. Major mood swings might be apparent.
  • Level 8: Depression starts to cripple them. They stay inside and cry, possibly thinking about suicide. “Hanging by a thread” best describes this level for the INFP. They want to hold on, but they keep asking if life is worth living anymore. From here, they may start smoking, drinking, use drugs, or any other bad habits that can harm them.
  • Level 9 (At Their Worst): Becomes suicidal. They see no way out. From here, their loved ones should take the initiative to get professional help for the INFP who has, sadly, reached this low.

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