The Modern Woman’s Successful Ways to Deal with Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be a real annoyance; especially for women who are pregnant or those who have gained some pounds. There are basically three ways of dealing with stretch marks. The overall potential of each of these processes to deliver on your expectations greatly depends on the depth of your pockets and the skills of your skin care expert.

Resorting To Plastic Surgery

Eliminating stretch marks is not a walk in the park to begin with. Depending on the severity of your stretch marks, you might find it necessary to employ dermatology’s greatest weapon of choice. Plastic surgery is a mainstay in any skin doctor’s arsenal. It has been used for various skin tissue treatment and repair. And it has been particularly helpful for women who want to get rid of their stretch marks for good.

To deal with your stretch marks via plastic surgery, your doctor will simply remove the affected skin area and perform an operation known as a tummy tuck; basically, removing some fatty tissues and extending nearby unaffected skin to cover the previously affected area.

However, plastic surgery procedures do not always end up as your best choice. For one, this procedure can be a lot more expensive than other ways of dealing with your stretch marks; besides, plastic surgery is not covered by most insurance plans. As an invasive procedure, it also entails pain and a considerable downtime on your part. Also, there are areas of the body over which plastic surgery may not be practical, skin areas that are far below your navel for instance may be difficult for this kind of surgical operation. If you opt for a plastic surgery to eliminate your stretch marks, always remember to consult with a certified dermatologist and skin plastic surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgery Using Laser Technology

The use of laser in a lot of cosmetic procedures allows doctors to perform a less invasive operation without compromising results. For this reason, laser surgery is increasingly becoming popular for women who want to eliminate the stretch marks they got from pregnancy or drastic weight gain.

The concept behind the use of laser in repairing skin problems, such as stretch marks, is the ability of the laser light to encourage the growth of new layers of collagen under the skin. Collagen is responsible for the skin’s elasticity, so having newer collagen means having more flexible and young-looking skin. The elasticity of your skin is an important requisite in eliminating all sorts of problems on your skin.

Nevertheless, there are some quarters that doubt the effectivity of laser surgery. For one, these people deny the fact that laser can stimulate the growth of new skin cells. But it is also impossible to deny that thousands of people have already benefited from cosmetic laser surgery in their quest to attain healthy and radiant skin tone. Choosing this procedure for your stretch marks will offer you lesser pain and shorter recovery period; it is also considerably cheaper than plastic surgery.

Old-Fashioned Creams, Salves, And Lotions

Finally, if you are not convinced about the capabilities of both plastic and laser surgeries, then you can always go back to the basics; meaning old-fashioned application of creams, salves or lotions. Surely, you are aware that there are many skin applications being sold in the market that do not work at all and you must avoid those products.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of skin products out there that hold a lot of promise and actually deliver on those promises. It’s true; there are creams and lotions that can really help in repairing your skin. What you should do is ask around for products that really work; surf the Net, ask your friends, or consult skin experts and you should be able to discover the right skin application that will erase your stretch marks.

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