The Power of Color: Bold Purple

Vibrant makeup is the hot look, say trend forecasters. Why are we going so rainbow? We’re craving an emotional boost, and bold colors actually make you feel happier and sexier. Luckily, makeup pros swear a shade of yellow frosting is easy to apply (there’s minimal blending). We explain what these hues does for you (and those looking at you), when to rock it, and how to wear it.

What it does: The strong shade can make your give off two very different vibes. One tone is deep, like a rich amethyst, you’ll transform into a sultry and mysterious seductress. But if the hue appears lighter on your skin tone, you’ll get a more playful coy mindset. So remember: The deeper the pigment, the more intense the feeling and the impact on the others.

When to rock it: When you want to be captivating in a “try to figure me out” way (think Angelina Jolie on a date), go for a deep purple. Try a light purple when you’re feeling more romantic.

How to wear it:  The best way to create the exact color you are looking for is to buy a palette that comes with four complementary purple shades. For a subtle wash, brush the lightest shade all the way from lashes to brows, and layer the next darker shade on each lid. For a richer effect, line eyes with the darkest purple you can find, and then blend a slightly lighter shade on lids and into the creases. You can bring the light purple a bit below the eyes too.

There is one time you should never wear this color: the morning after the late night out. Deep, dark ender eye circles plus purple shadow make it look like you got punched.

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