The Power of Color: Shocking Pink

Bright and bold doesn’t just describe the four hottest makeup shades, it also expresses your mood and attitude when wearing them. A shocking pink gloss makes you feel naughtier (and gets his sexy thoughts brewing). An electric teal eyeliner sparks confidence (plus will have his heart racing)…you get the idea. Here’s how to rock the sugary new tones.

What it does: Vibrant pink is a stimulant—for both you and whoever happens to be looking at you. “The color can actually increase heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration,” says color expert Kate Smith. “It is also very inviting, even more so that red, which can come across as aggressive.” In other words, it doesn’t just make you feel sexy and energized; it’ll make your guy’s pulse to race the second he lays his eyes on you.

When to rock it: At a party or when you’re being supersocial.

How to wear it: Bright pink works best on lips and cheeks, where it accentuates your natural flush. But for God’s sake, avoid it in your eyes—you’ll look insanely tired or sickly.

To make your mouth pop, apply a hot pink shade on the fattest part of your lips with your finger, blot by pressing lips together, and then spread the color out to the edges. Stick to cool pinks if you have fair skin and warmer tones if you’re darker. Pat any left over color from your finger onto your cheeks for a sexy tint. Just remember to rub it in well so it doesn’t look like war paint.

Color your look: If you’re craving a pop of color but don’t have the guts to go rainbow bright, these simple steps can get you comfy with a little splash of mood-brightening hue.

Nail the trend: Give your tips a punch of juicy color with girly hues that go well with any outfit.

Paint your lids: Make your eyes pop by choosing pastel hues of a pearl shadow. Brush on a light layer from lashline to brows for a subtle wash of color—perfect for even the most conservative of chicks.

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