The Raised Bumps in The Skin

Skin was one of the precious part of the body most women are willing to trade with their life. They are willing to spend so much money to retain their beautiful complexion, smooth and flawless. If the skin is spoiled by a bump or wart, it will be a torture to them as if there is burden in their heart. Don’t grieve, there’s always hope to restore a damaged skin to look new and fresh again. Have patience and make it to happen.

Try to check the skin in different parts of your body. Take notice of any flaw in the smoothness of your skin. Is there obstruction you felt hidden from your vision? If you don’t have any then you are flawless but are you sure, you don’t have any? Maybe you failed to notice them.

Take note you can have them anytime if you have direct contact with papillomavirus (HPV). Most often, it entered into your broken skin and slowly spread to become wart. It is highly contagious because it easily affects other parts of the body by just touching the existing wart. It was you who did the transmission from your touch from contaminated hands and fingers. It can be transmitted to other people by sharing the use of beach towels, personal effects and items being touch by both of you.

It is the nature of the virus to attack the skin, a lesion-pea size was formed. It was horny and thick in appearance. Its highly contagious that even the eyelid was affected by just rubbing a contaminated fingers to eyes and tongue.

There are warts that just go away even without treating it. Some of it will remain there then begin to become bigger. Most often, warts are painless. But if the wart abled to put pressure to the finger during writing and the foot that makes the steps where it was located will slightly painful.

The growth of wart was slow. It takes even a year to be noticed. Some of it were visible within several weeks. Big wart is an ugly bumps of skin that can spoil the beauty of women. But for some men, they doesn’t care at all as long as it is not troublesome and frustrating.

There are many kinds of warts to where they are located. There are warts that can be found in the soles of the feet (plantar), a hardened skin surronded the foot with small hole in the bottom very painful to walk. Those that grows in fingers and toes are the common warts. Its

characteristics are rough in appearance, has rounded top with grainy look.

There are warts appeared on the face, arms and thighs (flat), small, hardly to be noticed. It has flat top, pink or brownish in color or slightly yellowish. There are those that grow in the mouth, neck of nose (filiform). They are small, tiny flap shape or skin tagging. It has color like the skin. Those that grow around or under the toenail and also in fingernails (periunguat). It affects the growth of the nails causing painful sensation.

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