The Real Reason for All Your Fears: How to Overcome Your Worst Fears

Fear is definitely one of the worst negative emotions you can express. Man has numerous fears though most of them are unnecessary and meaningless. Yet, none of us can live totally fearless. The so called Most courageous and bravest people also have their own fears. However, they know how to overcome/minimize their fears better than others. Fear can ruin a relationship, your health and can cause heavy losses to you overall. So, what are your worst fears? What is the real reason for all your fears? How to overcome your fears? Please keep reading……

What exactly is fear? If you want me define fear, I would say it’s a negative emotion triggered by the belief that somebody or something dangerous would cause pain or loss or threat to you. You can list all your fears into these three categories.

List of fears: Some people may live with a big list of fears whereas some brave people would live with a few fears.  None can live a ‘totally fear free life’. The most common fears of people are fear of death, fear of dark, fear of failure, fear of losing a relationship, fear of intimacy, fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of pain, fear of public speaking, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection and fear of snakes & other animals.

The reason for all your fears? So, what are your worst fears? What is the real reason for all your fears? Attachment is the real reason for all your fears. You have a fear of death because you are attached to your body and your soul. You are scared of diseases as you are attached to your body. You fear needles because it may cause pain to your body.  It’s again about the attachment of your body. You are also attached to relationships, wealth and fame.  You might worry a lot if you fear of losing a relationship or friendship for some reasons. In short, your attachment to your body, soul, health, wealth, relationships and fame is the real reason for all your fears

Tips to defeat fears:  The psychology of fear according to modern psychologists is  a normal negative emotion of people that is built in our survival mechanism. Psychologists may ask you to face the fear to come out of it. Most commonly, they will offer counseling to get rid of your fears. In some cases, they will prescribe medicines too to conquer your fears.

Meditation to overcome fears: You can’t overcome your fears overnight. It takes a lot of time and hard work to minimize your fear emotions.  Practice this method daily if you really want to reduce your fears. You need to do yoga first, then breathing exercises ( Pranayama) followed by meditation.  If you do meditation properly,  you can reach the alpha state of mind in a few minutes.  You should then record the message that ‘you are becoming more courageous and mentally strong’ in your sub conscious mind with strong belief.  If you try this method, you will be able to get a calm mind over a period of time. When you get a calm and stable mind, you will get more strength to face the problems and eventually you can conquer your worst fears to a great extent. You will realize that your soul is immortal and learn to live with detached attachment.

Summary: Everyone has some fears. Normally man fears to lose health, life, wealth, relationships and fame. Attachment to body, soul, wealth, relationships and fame is the real reason for all your fears. You can minimize your fears by doing proper meditation regularly. 

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