The Road You Must Follow with Workman’ Compensation

So you get hurt on the job, and you have been paying for this service; and when it happens, they give you the hardest time to get things done.

The Road you must Follow with Workman’ Compensation

Way back when I was work at my favorite supermarket back in 2010, I slipped on ice in July….a bag of ice or two broke as the young man was attempting to fill the freezer. I fell and got hurt, more than I realized. The next day, both knees and my lower back were and still is, in such awful pain. I went to the doctor, who sent me to an orthopedic doctor who sent me for x-rays, and MRI’s of both my knees and lower back, When the results were in he suggested physical therapy.  I went for therapy, for about 3 months 3 times a week then the insurance company would stop the therapy. Then after a few months, the pain would come back , even worse than the actual time I fell, so I sort to get clearance for more therapy, I received clearance, attended therapy and just like the first round, soon after therapy would get denied  Time passed they gave me more physical therapy and again soon after it was denied.  I have had the all the test done, x-rays, MRIs, physical therapy and nothing worked long term, within a few months I was again in awful pain. I did not want surgery I searched for another doctor to get a 2nd opinion. That came with the same list of test, oh what a mess, paperwork and time spent.  It appeared that nothing changed, if anything it has gotten worse now I am left with no choice but to get surgery, can’t continue taking drugs forever.


I chose the doctor who gave me my second opinion, since I was already seeing him on a monthly base. Biggest mistake I have ever made! It has left me in a position where I attempt making appointments and setting up the actual surgery nothing but a nightmare; I wish I had stayed with the 1st doctor.

 The doctor’s staff kept telling me these are the difficulties when dealing with workman compensation. They say I have been patient, and I try but after visiting my doctor, where he told me to schedule the second knee and his partner who is in NYC told me I won’t have to come back into New York, and that I should just schedule both knees, I explained we are set for the first, he said go ahead a schedule the second kne

 I immediately called my doctor so excited that the ball was finally rolling in the right direction, only to have to call every day for five days where in the end told I cannot schedule the second knee until we see how I recover from the first surgery.

So without a choice I have to continue taking drugs, 2 for pain, 1 for muscles and the other for the anxiety they have caused me. I have mentioned this to many people and they say that is how insurance companies work in their country all the time. Then I sat back and realized that soon America will have the same plan? Oh goodie lucky us.

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