The Truth Behind Drug Addiction

As we all know drugs is a disease that not only damages lots of families but it also kills thousands of people everyday. Unfortunately more and more people keep falling into the horrible hands of drugs and every time we see younger kids falling into those bad habits. The problem with most of us is that we can make a difference and instead we ignore and judge those who need it.

     I grew up being an only child, raised by my mother, grandmother and 4 uncles, all of my uncles including my mother were drug dealers, because of how I grew up in that environment I promised myself I wouldn’t fall into their footsteps, I put in my head that I was going to go to college and that I would become an accountant, when I turned 15 my life turned upside down after loosing one of my uncles while the other 3 had to go to jail n my mother had to run away from the country, I started working and at 19 I got pregnant while on birth control and I found myself having to raise a child alone so I felt I couldn’t enjoy my life anymore and do what I always dreamed about because I had to drop off from school and get a job, 3 years later while my daughter went on vacation to Mexico to meet my dad I fell into the sad trap of drugs I started using with a friend and 3 months later in order to support my habit I started selling drugs too, when my daughter came back I don’t know what to do I was already too deep in “the game” and my addiction, she then started living with my aunt because I didn’t want to drag her in the life I was living, by then I had lost my job too because the drugs were giving me easy money, but in reality it wasn’t that easy because I was a girl men abused in many occasions stealing from me, I got beat up twice and once I got pushed over from a car while on the road but I kept doing it because then I had to pay what had been stolen from me, I ended up loosing my car because I almost ran somebody over because I wasn’t paying attention on the road texting with my drug dealer, I finally payed my debt but because of my addiction I felt I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t ask my family for help because they all turned their back on me thinking I had left my daughter because of my addiction but I only wanted to protect her from my environment, one day I got to actually take her with me for a couple of days because I didn’t have any drugs on me I thought it would b safe even tho I had used drugs the night before, little did I know cops had been watching and that night after getting my daughter cops went to get me, my daughter got taken away and placed in a foster care, thankfully because they didn’t find any drugs I only went to jail for 2 months, because I got charged with a misdemeanor child endangerment for being high because the drugs were still in my system, I got out of jail and I choose to go to rehab and fight to get my daughter back and 3 months later I finally did, I had her with me in rehab for 3 months when I completed my 6 months, I met my now boyfriend and because I was court order to do drug and alcohol services, parenting class and random testing for 11 months after rehab I did what I had to do, and now here I am again, I was able to get my job back and within 6 month i got promoted to shift manager, I completed my program just 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend and I moved in together and we have our own apartment, and next week my case with CWS (Social Services) closes and I’ll have full custody back of my child and I was able to build back the trust of my family as well, and hopefully after that nightmare ends completely I’m going to look into a way of going back to school and accomplish my dream.

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