The Will to Conquer.part One

What is the one thing which carries a man through difficulties to Success?. You know the answer: Will. It need not be a loud and violent will. As often as not it is a quiet will. But it never changes. It is relentlessly persevering.

This is a quality of mind and character you desire to develop to the full.It maybe a slight exaggeration to say, Nothing is impossible to the man who can will,” but we have records of people who have achieved the seemingly impossible things. There are two intimate questions to be asked and answered. They are: Do you believe that it is possible to obtain control of the body and the mind,and thus to guide all their activities according to an accepted standard?.or is there some lingering doubt on this point?. Further ,of body and mind ,which should be master of the other?.

To be sceptical about the matter in so far as it concerns your own life, is to deny that man can be “master of his ate” and “captain of his soul.” You may not have reached this condition of mastery as yet,but it is a great thing to believe you can reach it. So begin by forming a mental picture of yourself as possessing the self-control in which you may be lacking; as carrying out resolves which have not as yet become completed acts. This habit of seeing yourself,in mind,grow better and better is a condition of moral expectancy which as you will realize later has a strong tendency to become actual:that is you cannot but develop your powers of resolution if instead of always imagining failures of will,you imagining success.Exertion of effort is something which has to be learned.It may not take you long to learn it. One experience might be sufficient to reveal its secret.

There is a vivid illustration of such an experience in the Autobiographical Notes of Mark Rutherford. He was swimming in the sea and seeing a small vessel at anchor about two hundred yards from the shore,resolved with the impulse of youth he swim around her he did so but as he turned back again he was overtaken with the mad conviction that he would never reach the shore. There was no real danger of failure he says but my heart began to beat furiously,the shore became dim and he gave himself up as lost. He thought he was dying but determined to make one desperate effort. He strove in a way he cannot describe to bring his will to bear directly on his terror.In an instant the horrible excitement was at an end and there was a great calm.

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