The Wonderful World of Heroin Abuse


Heroin, otherwise known as smack, horse, brown or black tar is used and abused by many people here in the United States.

Heroin can be smoked, snorted or injected with a needle, by either skin popping or mainlining. Skin popping is injected with a needle into ones skin. Mainlining, is shooting heroin into ones vein.

Skin popping is more economical than mainlining because it saves heroin.

Black tar heroin, is a substance that is put on a cigarette or a joint and is smoked. Also, heroin can be snorted.

People who use heroin, are called, “junkies.”

Heroin is very addictive and one can be hooked on it on the third dose. Addicts that go without heroin for a period of time, go into withdrawals otherwise known as being “dope sick.”

Here is what former addicts had to say, about their abuse of the drug.

“Using smack for me, was a great experience at the time.” Remarked a woman with beautiful green eyes and long black hair. “But I  wanted to quit, so I went into a rehab for people who abused narcotics.” She said. “It was hell at first, I was dope sick to the max, but I wouldn’t allow myself to take anymore. I had  great will power. I wanted to be straight.”

“I used smack to calm my nerves.” Said a man who looked like he was in his late twenties. He had long dark hair and average features. “But soon, I would run out and I would get dope sick. I would steal things from other people that had things that had  value, and pawn them. That is how I payed for it.  One time, I got caught and was put in jail. When I got out, I wanted to quit cold turkey so I did. It was the hardest thing to ever do in my life. I experienced mega withdrawls, but I forced myself to stay off the drug. Now, without it, I feel great!”

“I used to sell myself to get more dope.” A pretty blond with pretty facial features said. “I was obsessed with it. When I ran out, I would go out and sell myself  for some more. But when I got violently beaten by a john, I wanted to kick the habit.” She said. “The withdrawls were hell, but I made it.” She said.

People who abuse heroin, often sell themselves or steal and pawn objects. Often, they get into trouble for stealing and or prostitution.

Heroin is nothing to mess with so simply don’t do it. It will ruin your life!

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