The World is Full of Cans

…and not cant’s…..

My sister wrote this in my Yearbook “The World is full of cans and not cant’s”.  Ever so often I have to go back and refer to that.  She is gone now, bless her heart.  Sometimes I feel very sad about it and sometimes I feel very blessed that I found so many Role Models within my home, instead of looking for them in the Streets.

I guess this is why I can herald other people for their accomplishments and give credit where do, because I have already regarded my family as some of the best.  I had sisters who were ladies and were sought after because of this.  And brothers who respected their woman and provided for them like my father and mother for each other.

So apples don’t fall far from the trees of parents or siblings!  I was encouraged when I had doubts but sometimes I felt as if I was the most alone person in the world.  That can happen in big families too.  But there were still lessons of wisdom shared by my parents and direct lessons and talks from my siblings.  My sister’s husband is related to a very famous man, but you wouldn’t know it by his actions, but you would understand it by his ambition and accomplishments.  An Ex-Marine, he retired at 55 and enjoys his life, even though he said that he had always planned to do this with my sister, his wife and that he even bought the  huge house so  that it would always be there for her family and his.  As a family, along with extended family, we shared great times in that home.    It still stands proudly  but it’s hard to go there sometimes because she is not there at the door to say “Hey Patches” one of my Nicknames because I used to spend a lot of time repairing clothes!

When I even say the words “I can’t”, I think of that.  Because I can.  In America and with the Lord’s help, no matter who you consider Him to be, nothing is truly impossible.  Today my neighbor told me that I walked so fast that he could not keep up with me.  I told him that it was the Crocs that I had on and said “Mr. B, these shoes have a mind of their own…..I can’t stop them….” he thought that was so funny. My Crocs are not those ugly, holey, flip flops but closed in shoes like a Skimmer or a Capizzio shoe.  People look at my grey hair and then me and wonder “why is she in such good shape?”  when they see me get around whether it’s the car, the walk across the street, or the walk through the Park, I am on it.  I never paid much attention to this before. I owe my life to that phrase “Life is full of cans and not Cant’s. “  I do because I used those words when I quit smoking cigarettes 14 years ago last month! 

When I was younger I could not do the things that I do today, would you believe it?  That is how Nicotine can drag us down.  And another phrase that stuck me was from my Physician when I told him that I was cutting down on cigarettes and his retort was “So you are proving that you can’t quit smoking without smoking”.  So I attribute by cancellation of that horrible, deadly habit  first  to the respect of my son (even though I didn’t smoke around him), then to my Sister’s phrase and then to my Doctor’s words and to my own health.  All good reasons. There is no such thing as the inability to quit. We are all different, I don’t challenge anyone’s desire to smoke but if you want to quit, you CAN. Peace.

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  1. This is such wonderful share. I’m sorry you lost your sister. I like that she said the world is filled with cans. believing you can means you can. Thanks for sharing some interesting information here on triond.

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  7. It’s great to have supportive and inspiration family.

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