Three Detox Diets That Work

The toxins that accumulate in the body not only come from inadequate nutrition, also come from cleaning products and environmental pollution. Therefore, time is suitable to undergo any of the Detox Diets that work. In this installment you share three of them.

Diet # 1-21 pounds in 21 days.

The first Detox Diets has been designed by the naturopath Roni DeLuz, entitled “21 pounds in 21 days”, published in the book The Martha Vineyard Diet Detox. This diet consists of 21 days to eat only fruit and vegetable juices; It lacks proteins, so it is not a regime that many people can follow.

Diet # 2 – raw foods.

This Detox Diet is based on eating raw foods, and has been created by Natalia Rose. Its creator says the theory that when food is cooked, they lose the natural properties that contain (enzymes), thus avoiding the process natural purification of the body. The author encourages a change in eating habits, so it does not speak of a time determined to continue with the diet.This diet does not support the consumption of meat and dairy; nuts, seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables, in addition to drinking natural juices, coconut milk and water can only eat.Diet # 3 – Cleaning the liverThis is one of the most popular Detox Diets and followed by people who want to detoxify their bodies through food. It was designed by Dr. Laura Cabot, on the assumption that the liver receives an overload of food when not it detoxifies with some frequency.The diet is considered the consumption of fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables, as well as foods rich in omega-3 salmon, avocado and olive oil. It is a diet that is easy to carry. The inclusion of protein make greater satiety, helping to lose weight at the same time clean liver. You should drink between 8 and 12 cups of water a day, and we recommend it for 8 weeks.What are you waiting for detoxifying the body? To put into practice one of these healthy diets, you will notice the benefits in your body and you will feel better.

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