Three Reasons Why Antioxidants Fail to Cure Cancer in Chronic Smokers

We read all over in several articles that antioxidants are very good. They are very good for cancer patients. They reduces cancer in cancer suffering patients. If, it is true that it reduces cancer in cancer suffering patient, then why do not it reduces cancers in those patients who smoke?

Yes, it is very important question which need to be discussed. And, scientific proof and explanation has come regarding it from research departments. And, this scientific proof and explanation with solid evidence have come from department of Sweden’s University of Gothenburg.

What this explanation is? What proof there is regarding failure of antioxidants in reducing cancer in cancer sufferers who smoke? You always listened since now in various health slogans that one should not smoke and should stop alcoholic drinking. No doubt, both harms health but also reduces action of medicines given to treat any disease.

So, there are 3 reasons due to which antioxidants fail in cancer reduction among smoking habituated cancer patients. And, these 3 reasons are-

1) First of all, smoking reduces effect of cancer medicines given for cancer aliment’s reduction and cancer reduction. Medicines are aimed to reduce cancer but as smoking has neutralized their effect, so cancer medicines are no longer able to stop cancer and cancer go on progressing.

2) Just like, it reduces effect of medicines, just same thing smoking do to curative effects of antioxidants. Antioxidants which are worldwide famous for reducing cancer are unable do so among smokers, because smoking which they do chronically reduces curative effects of antioxidants in curing cancer to nil.

3) Smoking also reduces immunity. Yes, due to fact it reduces human body immunity, human body’s immune system is no longer able to differentiate body enemy cancer cells and human body’s own cells. Its immune system gets defective by chronic smoking to such extent that human immune system with decreased immunity resulted out of chronic smoking now recognize human body’s own cells as foreign cancer cells and attack them; but they recognize cancer cells as body’s own cells, due to which they pass human body barrier without any trouble and proliferate to threatening stage of cancer.

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