Tips and How to Apply Makeup to Look Natural

Make up can make a woman look more confident. Moreover, when the makeup looks natural, fresh and charming. Face is a perfect plain canvas. When you’ve polished makeup will bring up an interesting dimension. Unfortunately, many women do not know how bermake up, although they understand that they make up able to change his appearance.

Here this is for tips and how natural bermake up:

# Eyebrow

Shape eyebrows in accordance with the impression that the character’s face to appear, such as Natural hairy. Thick eyebrows give the impression that the characters are free but sensual. Thick eyebrows arched upwards giving the impression the characters are loud and powerful.  Small eyebrows and long elegant character suggests

Here are tips on how to shape eyebrows that look natural:

  • To get the starting point of a long eyebrows, draw parallel lines between the outermost tip of the nostrils and the tip of the inner eye
  • To earn the highest point of the arch eyebrows, draw parallel lines between the outermost tip of the nose and the tip of outer lobe pupils
  • To get the end point of a long eyebrows, draw a line parallel to the outer tip of the nostrils and the tip of the outer
  • After getting the proper form, fill in the blank-space eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil in brown. Do not forget to always keep sharp eyebrow pencil so that the results look natural goresannya
  • For thin eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil in dark brown color
  • For thick eyebrows, apply brown eye shadow with a brush brow length
  • When finished, brush the eyebrows that seem natural
  • After that, use a little eyelash glue or transparent color mascara that stays soft eyebrow hair regularly

# EyelinerEyeliner help define the eye shape and make the eyes look bigger and attractive. Make sure that we use sharp eyeliner (pencil eyeliner if shaped) or brush with bristles nice and flat (when using liquid eyeliner)
How to use eyeliner is to draw the eye skin with one finger and fingertips apply eyeliner with the other hand. Begin applying eyelner from inside the eye to the outer edge
Here are tips to make eyeliner look natural:

  • The line at the outer end of the eye will “lift” the eye drops
  • Lengthen lines at the outer end of the eyeliner will give a dramatic impression
  • Add a thin line close to the lashes that will detail the impression of bright and natural

# EyelashLong lashes will give the impression of a perfect eye. Many ways can be done to curl eyelashes. Today’s technology Teprovides solutions instantly curl lashes using electric clamp
# FoundationFoundation is the most important part on make up. Foundation is the basic that determines whether a person make up more better or worse. Errors in choosing foundation will make an appearance to no naturalIn order to use foundation looks natural, mix some foundation color so you get the color that suits your skin.
# ConcealerConcealer is a miracle product that gives beauty to the face. Able to eliminate dark circles under the eyes so that faces appear brighter. To look natural, choose a concealer with a yellow tone towards or one level lighter than the foundation color. Use the white powder to the skin completely white or yellow powder with elements for light skin, medium, or dark.
# LipstickVarious colors and types of lipstick can be used with notes adapted to the character and shape of our lips. Before using lipstick, we are advised to correct the shape of the lips by using a lip pencil. Lip pencil can be applied to make bibr to appear balanced. This is a common trick in makeup. To avoid is making a line or put too much color from the natural lip line. Because it will create the impression of unnatural.
# PowderPowder makeup serves to preserve and prevent a greasy face. Powder will absorb the oil and Constructing the face to appear smooth and natural, and prevent a rupture to form a line of concealer or fade. To yield more natural, color selection should be tailored to the foundation powder is used. When using skin color foundation, choose a color powder similar in color. However, if a foundation shade darker than skin color, then choose a powder that one level lighter than the color of skin.
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