Tips for Becoming a Success in Love and Life Businees or Personal

Okay, I know that I am a little bit different, I was brought up much differently than some of the people I know and most definatley, differently than people I think of as being successful.

But I know that for people to be successful, there are common threads…

First and foremost, surround yourself with successful people. If you view happiness as success, engage in activities that make you happy and engage yourself in social activities.

If money is success in your mind, then get near the rich. Offer services to them, hang out where they have coffee. Engage in conversation.

The thing about being near those that you view as successful is this; it will rub off on you. If you engage in conversations and activities of successful people, you will learn the ins and outs of business, the thought processes that create And foster happiness.

Now please do keep in mind that gossiping is not conversation.

Second tip; walk the walk. Dress like those you view as successful. Mimic postures and protocols, like shaking hands or hugging. Engage in similar behaviors of those that you view as successful.

Don’t be afraid to mingle. Visit offices and chit chat with receptionists. Visit lunch bars and talk politics with the bosses.

Begin your success by being involved with successful people.

Be involved in your community. Offer to be an assistant coach, chaperone for school activities, volunteer to local charities, get your fa e and name into the public.

These are just a few tips and I am sure that you, the reader, may have some more. Please do share your tips for success….

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