Tips for Removing Acne Scars

Very annoyed carina? Yup! There is in fact a ” price ” payable to look beautiful, so many people don’t do kinclong.
The good news is you have at your fingertips! If you are diligent enough.

English: Acne Vulgaris: A: Cystic acne on the face, B: Subsiding tropical acne of trunc, C: Extensive acne on chest and shoulders. 

, rewardnya isa smooth face or if you do not want to bother ya means would remain full of acne scars.Once we know the facts above, we present one how to remove acne scars:

NaturalYou can use natural ingredients to eliminate acne scars, for example:TomatoTomatoes are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C that can nourish the skin and eliminateacne and mark, which recently occurred or are inflamed.How to wear:Cut the tomatoes which have cleaned up into sectionsPlace the pieces on the face that there are former jerawatnyaLeave it on for 20-30 minutesRinse your face with clean waterDo 2-3 times a weekLemonLemon has many advantages, especially for the health and beauty of your face. Lime deposits was able to clean the dead skin cells and reduce the levels of oil on the face.No wonder the lemon can help get rid of acne with trademarkHow to wear:Squeeze 1 or 2 pieces lemonsApply the juice of water on the face, particularly on the part of many former jerawatnyaLeave it on for 15 minutes or until it dries upRinse your face with clean waterConcluding the 2 – 3 times a weekEgg whitesThe egg white is really quite powerful to maintain the beauty of your face. In additionto tighten the skin, egg whites can get rid of acne with mark.How to wear:Clean faceTake an article and separate them from the yellow eggsSweeping across her faceAllow to dry for 10-15 minutesRinse your face with clean water (if possible in cold water)Do 2-3 times a weekAloe Vera GelContained in Aloe Vera gel is also very effective for cleaning the face skin in order to bereleased from ex-the stubborn acne scarring. If you do not want to exit money, plant and its buayanya Home tab, this plant is easy to grow once)How to wear:Clean faceSelect Aloe Vera fresh (not yet withered)Patahkan in the middle and then push out the gelThe gel on your faceLet stand for 10-15 minutesRinse your face with clean waterDo 2-3 times a weekOlive oilOlive oil has a rich benefits in particular to health as being able to soften the skin and maintain the beauty of the skin of the body and facial beauty. In addition these oils are also useful for hair beauty.How to wear:Before going to bed, apply olive oil on the faceFacial massage slowly for 5 minutesRinse your face with warm waterTo optimally, it is recommended that you do this every day until acne scars disappearGrated cornCorn contains vitamin A, which is a very important nutrients needed for skin moisturein maintaining skin elasticity and prevents the appearance of premature aging. In addition, there is a vitamin C that helps build the connective tissue and prevents the formation of scar tissue (wrinkles) on the skin.How to wear:Clean faceSelect the jangung young and fresh, clear, then grate until smoothApply grated on her faceWait 15-20 minutesRinse your face with clean waterDo 2-3 times a weekBlack tea dregsIf you like to drink black tea, don’t waste ampasnya for granted because this is very nutritious for skin beauty’s face. Dregs of black tea is also trusted and proven to eliminate acne scars. Ago and rinse with water.How to wear:Clean faceApply black tea to taste to the dregs of acne scars are slowlyLet stand for 15 minutesRinse your face with clean waterDo 2-3 times a weekNote: not all the above treatments simultaneously. Select one of the most easily wrotefor you

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