Tips to Keep You Healthy: Why Everybody Should be Vaccinated Against Whooping Cough, Going Around Schools and Very Contagious

At a high school in the Squirrel Hill Section of Pittsburgh has had a problem in that whooping cough (pertussis). This has been since early April and around 12 students have been affected.  Because of this health officials are asking that parents making sure that all of the students of Allegheny County and their families are up to date on their vaccinations against pertussis.

Taylor Allderdice is not the only school that has had students with whooping cough, it is just these other schools in the Pittsburgh area had a few students, not nearly as many as around  a dozen.

Whooping cough is an infection of the respiratory tract that is bacterial in nature. It causes a very bad cough.that can be considered severe. 

It is also very severe, so director of the Allegheny department of health, Dr Karen Hacker said,”The main thing at this point is to identify cases and have those children treated and kept out of school for five days.”

In 2013, Allegheny county had 45 cases of whooping cough . This year (2014) since January 1,there have been 25 whooping cough cases in Allegheny  County. But the year 2012 had 219 for the year. I was vaccinated that year it was going around so much. Doctors says that whooping cough peaks every 3-5 years.

Dr Ram Namblar, acting director for epidemiology at the   Pennsylvania Department  of Health said,” There are going to be a lot of ups and downs depending on the year, but their isn’t anything jumping out at us this year.”

So far, at the middle of May, all across the state of Pennsylvania in 2014, 177 have been reported. The amount of reported in the whole state in 2013 was .633.  In 2012was the p eak . Year with 1,934 in 2012 the peak year in Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh public schools  spokeswoman Ebony Pugh said that all Alderdice teachers will receive a booster vaccine for whooping cough.

The vaccine for whooping cough(pertussis) is combined with two other vaccines for diseases it is  ”TDAP which is for tetanus,diphtheria and pertussis

If baby gets pertussis it can be dangerous because they can actually stop breathing.

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