Tired of Stubborn Fat?

Are you one of those people who workout religiously and are still stuck with those stubborn fatty areas? I used to work out everyday three and 1/2 hours everyday and still had a jiggly belly. Some times exercise just isn’t gonna get rid of those areas.

There are a few ways to get rid of this, ether go under the knife or you can try the new Coolsculpting procedure.  Now I am not gonna say it will happen over night, but you will be happy to know that this fat reduction procedure will not involve any cuts or incisions. This procedure has become the one of the most practical choice for those of us who are in relatively good shape but just can’t manage to lose those stubborn fatty areas.

Cool Sculpting is an alternative to Liposuction Unlike liposuction, cool sculpting is pain-free and it does not require a recovery period that  those who get surgery do and it will not disrupt your daily schedule. Coolsculpting is a process that involves the freezing of fat cells to help the body break them down naturally. Like I said earlier you will probably not see instant results, because it usually takes your body several days to absorb and break down the areas that were treated. Cool sculpting effectively reduces the bulges in the treated areas without harming the surrounding tissues. After a certain number of sessions, the frozen fats cells automatically shrink and are eliminate through your body’s own cleansing system. The best part about this procedure is that it does not leave any permanent scarring. However, it leaves a little bit of redness which will  disappear within a few days.

It is important to note that the procedure is not effective on every area. It shows best results on particular areas such as stomach, back, love handles or muffin tops. Also, cool sculpting is not a solution to obesity. This procedure is designed for those people who already working out and are trying to get rid of those hard to get rid of areas. If you are considered obese and are looking to loose 100 pounds or more abdominoplasty or gastric by pass is what you are looking for.

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