Top Tips for Eye Shadow You Must Know About

There is almost no make-up mistake as glaringly obvious as improperly applied eye shadow. Eye shadow, when used correctly, can add a wonderfully mysterious allure to a woman’s appearance, yet allow her to look completely natural. But there are, unfortunately, millions of women who simply go over the top with their eye shadow. How can you make certain that you don’t become one of them? Well, there are some techniques for applying eye shadow which will guarantee that you achieve the natural yet eye-catching results you want!

And the best thing about these techniques is their simplicity. You may have to practice for a bit to find the perfect look for your eyes, but before you know it you’ll have your eye shadowing routine mastered!

Begin by applying a coat of either foundation or face powder to your eyelids, so that they have the same tone as the rest of your face. By doing this you will even out the darker areas around your inner eyelids.

When you apply eye shadow, never be afraid to keep blending it in. The secret to properly applied and natural looking eye shadow is that its dark and light tones flow together invisibly. Try blending the shadow colors on one eye, and leaving the ones on the other eye just as they were when you brushed them on, and see which eye is more natural in appearance. Enough said!

You can add to the drama of your eyes, while still maintaining a natural appearance, by moistening your eye shadow brush before you put the shadow on it. Applying moist shadow will deepen its color.

Coordinate the color of your eye shadow with the color of your eyes. For blue or grey eyes, stay with cooler purples or violets, grey, midnight blue, taupe, or black; if the occasion will permit, you can add some tones of turquoise, fuschia, or silver.

Green eyes look terrific with brown, forest green, khaki, plum or soft purple eye shadow, and you can perk them up with accents of gold, pastel green, or stronger purple.

Warmer hazel or brown eyes look best with warmer eye shadow colors like apricot, khaki, copper, brown, beige, and champagne; add some sizzle with tangerine, bright pink, or electric blue.

Neutral eye shadows which will complement any eye color are charcoal, navy, and light blue, with silver for a touch of funkiness.

By applying a lighter shadow at the inner corner of your eyelid, you will make your eyes appear both larger and younger. You will increase the appearance of larger eyes by using a darker shadow at the center of the eyelid.

Use your darkest shade of eye shadow only from your lashes to just beneath the eyelid crease, and your medium shade from there to the brow bone. Use you lightest shade to highlight the brow bone.

Above all, practice, practice, practice. Go about learning to apply your eye shadow as if it were an art, because it is. You will be using that art to look as if your eyes were artlessly natural, and only time will bring you that degree of skill.

Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the look which shows off your eyes to their absolutely best advantage; if you have a willing friend, share some practice sessions so you can critique each other’s efforts.

One final thought: if you are suffering from lines and crow’s feet in the eye area, using a good anti aging serum will help give you the smooth eyelids which make a perfect palette for your eye shadow!

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