Unbelievably Most Horrible and Unusual Human Growths of All Time

The human growth or tumor is the most horrible and bizarre disease that causes the sufferer to have trouble speaking, eating, or even walking. Not only this horrible disease or growth brings a defect to their physical appearance, but also makes it stressful and difficult to live a normal life.

A Woman with Giant Legs

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Mandy Sellars, a 34-year old woman, from Lancashire, was diagnosed with a rare condition involving a progressive abnormal growth of body tissues called Proteus syndrome in May 2006. She was said to be born with abnormally large feet and legs, which continue to grow into hugely oversized legs at an alarming rate, making her normal life nearly impossible. Her legs are observed to be heavier than most women and wider than the average man’s waist. She has a clubfoot which has turned 180 degrees backwards, and her left leg is about 5 inches longer than her right leg.

A Rare Facial Tumor

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A 29-year-old French-Caribbean man had a severe and rarely seen tumor developed on his face. He later underwent third face transplant in January 2007. After the facial transplant, he said that people in the street no longer looked at him with a wicked stare or shouted at him with cruel words.

Massive Neck Tumor

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This discovery was made while Huang Liqian, 58, was undergoing surgery in 2007. According to him, this bizarre growth was first noticed growing on the back of his neck in 1990. Prior to surgery, he said he had ignored this huge neck tumor for nearly 17 years until it developed into a 33-pound-massive neck tumor.

Spruce Tree Found in a Lung

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In April, 2009, Russian surgeons found a 5-centimeter tree growing inside a 28-year-old patient’s lung, a man who came from the Urals city of Izhevsk and called himself Artyom Sidorkin. Initially, the doctors suspected that Sidorkin had a cancerous tumor growing inside his lung after he complained of extreme chest pain and had been coughing up blood. They explained that Sidorkin had somehow inhaled a seed, which eventually sprouted inside his lung. The spruce which had crushed Sidorkin’s capillaries and caused unbearable pain, however, was successfully removed.

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  1. so sad to see people like these…

  2. My heart goes out to these poor people. It makes you wonder why God places such burdens on these souls.

  3. Some people have it really tough in life.

  4. I’m speechless! People who say they’re are ugly need to understand than beauty is within.

  5. I’m speechless! True beauty is within the heart.

  6. I hope this people get the best medical treatments around. They really need the support and hope for a brighter day.

  7. I showed this to my step daughter she thought they were all a bit freaky until she saw the people with horns which she thought was cool.

    I found it all rather alarming. Pity on those who cannot get treated!

  8. Damn that is bad.Thanks for bring these unfortunate people to our attention

  9. It is a big relief when all one have to deal with is an ugly face. We couldn’t feel our normal being as humans unless we have to place ourselves in the lives of this people who were out of choice to accept their fate. A horrendous and eye catching post my friend.

  10. This is a heartrending article. It is a shame that ones body can be so distorted as to cause so much pain both physically and emotionally for these people. My prayers go up for them.

  11. OMG, This is a very upsetting that people should suffer this way.My prayers go out to them as well as their families.
    Well researched article. I have never seen such tumors in my life.

  12. A sad article, but a good one.

  13. I can hardly believe what I see here. These people are to be greatly admired for how they cope with such distressing diseases. I love the sensitive way in which you have produced this article. Well done.


  14. sad, they really need help..good article my friend..thanks foe sharing 8)

  15. That’s quite sad.


  16. It is unbelievable and horrible. So sad to see these people.

  17. Poor people. I don’t know what happen to tree man now. I hope there will be medicine for them.

  18. Real terror….. Never this happen to even to my enemy.

  19. I would not wish this on even an enemy, as drelayraja stated. It is something we need to pray about.

    Take care & God bless.

  20. This must really be miserable for these people to deal with everday. Great article and thanks for sharing.

  21. It is sad to see adults affected by these terrible debilitating diseases, but to see children, is heart-wrenching. Great article, Chan!

  22. It seems incredible that such diseases can befall to a human being; I’ve never seen such, and I only hope they could get treatment. That’s another reason why we need the universal health care.
    Amazing post, Chan.



  23. oH my goodness…too graphics. Yet, contains a lot of information that I haven’t encounter before. Well-done!

  24. Very well researched..Lots of information to be learned here..Great post!

  25. I feel for these unfortunate people..Very graphics and sad, but an informative article also!

  26. This is very informative, Chan. I feel so sorry for the people in the pictures.

  27. These poor, poor people. Their suffering must be unimaginable.

  28. WOW! you caught me speechless. Excellent post that i truly enjoy reading.

  29. When you think your having a bad day, just return to this page.
    Thanks Chan,

  30. my goodness, the courage and bravery of these people to get on with their daily existence in these circumstances takes your breath a way , thank you for sharing this so sensitively

  31. Good researched…but very sad article….

  32. These people are to be pitied, but frightening pictures.

  33. I feel really bad for these people, but makes me be more greatful in life for a healthy body that god has given me and my children. My prayers goes out to them and I hope they can find some peace within.

  34. and you thought you had problems……We get a few wrinkles, a little acne and think life is over and woe is us. How would you like to be one of these unfortunate souls? Alot of these cases were covered by th discovery and the learning channl. It reminds me of just how blessed we all are, even when we think we got it bad. My heart goes out to all of these people.

  35. anyone notice a lot of these occurred in China? Wondering if there is a link to the toxic waste they are dealing with and these tumors…

  36. How awful for these people … it makes us realise how lucky we are … another great article Chan.. they need our prayers.

  37. wow, these people just need to die… nasty, ugly, grosssss

  38. “You expect”?! I like the article, but isn’t it a bit patronising that you, who have never met these people, to be telling others how to respond? I have extensive hypertrophic facial burn scars, and agree totally with you that it is terrible the way society in general judges by appearances, but I am always annoyed when people make an issue out of treating me as normal. There is no need to expect /lecture/whatever else others; anyone unable to treat these individuals as human people is not a member of the civilised world anyway. Apologies, this was not meant to be an aggressive comment, I agree with you entirely and thank you for bringing this to the web, but I think it is important to remember that having others leap to your defence can be just as irritating as the abuse we suffer, because it implies that we are unable to defend ourselves.

    Many thanks

  39. And Nads? you are uglier than anyone I have seen, because of your attitude. Grow up please, or keep quiet when you are in civilised company.

  40. I don’t know what to say.

  41. ALL my prayers go to them!! :’( makes me a better person to see them in such a condition. Me, I have a great life but always complain now I live for happiness. =) to them We PRAY its the least we can do. =)

  42. I’d like to figure out how to raise money and transfer it legitiamtely to the following: “Gao An-ni, 8, who lives in the rural countryside in An Yuan country in East China’s…is unable to afford a costly medical treatment to have her tumor removed.” (See above for full description.)

    Which non-profit in the US can help us organize that?


  44. so sad to see people suffering from such diseases. be strong!!

  45. have pride and god bless ya all

  46. HahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahaha

  47. es muy interesante las imagenes que se ven en la pagina. me gusttaria ver mas

  48. bindass pictures yaar but i m not scared

  49. God help them please.

  50. Please help them God… It should neva happen even to worst of my enemies…I raise my hands to pray for them..

  51. The only REAL help for these and all people is to pray for GOD’s Kingdom, for his will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Mt 6:10 and for all pain and suffering to be done away with Rev 21:4 and may all experience 2 Pet 1:2. as John 17:3 states we must have accurate knowledge and if you who blame GOD for these horrific deformities really read your bible you would know that it would never even occur to GOD to even consider such acts as this put upon an precious child of his, as Jer 7:31shows mankind can harm his own children but it had never even occurred to God to cause harm to mankind that alone belongs to the one who is in control of this world. 2 Cor. 4:4 and 1Joh 5:19. Search for TRUTH. Take in KNOWLEDGE.

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