Understanding Pregnancy

How a pregnant woman sees the world? This is a brief guide for the husband with an expecting wife.

While pondering about what to write about lately, I suddenly realized there is one interesting topic I could relate to. Nearing the fourth month of my second pregnancy and the woes that go with it, I thought, why not write about it? Document it and, (with much optimism), help my husband come out of bewilderment. It appears to me that he hasn’t fully fathomed my condition just yet 😉

So, what is it about this phase which precedes motherhood? It varies per individual and per pregnancy but a few of these “wonders” will be told in this piece.

In a woman’s life, it is a phase of confused senses. On the onset of hormonal changes, she begins to absurdly love what she used to detest. At the same time, hate what was endearing. Husband and wife’s Intimacy level shoots down because she can’t stand any scent of him. His after-shave, his perfume (which she, in fact, gave him in their last anniversary), his face cleanser, moisturizer…just about everything in him smells revolting. Poor Mr Metrosexual aspirant ; ( He would have to postpone his vanity for the time being. And that other desire of his, he may have to time it when she is in the right mood.

Another piece of this puzzle is that a health buff lady surges with uncontrollable junk food appetite. There are days when she devours everything edible. Races down to the kitchen cupboard, rummaging for midnight meals. The office desk once cluttered with confidential company documents are set to the side making room for snacks of every kind. At lunch breaks, she’d sneak to the nearby fast food and savor her fries as she dunks each string unto her beloved chocolate sundae.

On the contrary, there are days when food taste awfully bland. As if she has undergone chemotherapy with the metallic taste ruling her palate! Worse days render her nauseous and uninterested in anything -. Not even water. The sight of food makes her flinch. With unpredictable cravings, how can she subsist on this unorthodox ritual?

In addition to the baffling appetite, Emotions spiral, err, swerve in unimaginable directions too. The once lion-hearted Mrs Sheds tears over the latest Ugly Betty episode. Why has she turned soft of heart overnight? Why does the voice of that geeky guy across her desk annoy her when all he said was “Good morning”? Why is she irritated for no reason at all? These days, there ARE wrong colors, wrong tone, wrong scent, wrong answers — Any of these, can send her to fits. Is she losing the plot? She feels like her husband must be sensitive to her whenever and wherever they are. Make one wrong move Mr, and you’re in for a duel which the Mrs is intent to win.

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