Ever have a headache that makes you can not even open my eyes? It seems the world is spinning so fast, let alone to stand up, lie also feels the world will collapse.

Vertigo is a term that is quite familiar to our ears . According to Indonesian dictionary , translated as dizziness vertigo . Dizziness own distinct headache ( headache ) . Dizziness in English is dizziness or giddiness , spinning or the sensation that feels like a loss of balance in the head .

not the Disease

It should be understood that in the medical diagnosis of vertigo is not a disease but a collection of symptoms that are subjective and objective . Vertigo is not always caused by a dangerous disease , but often vertigo lasts for a long time and interfere with quality of life of people who experience it .

In practice physician , vertigo related complaints reached 50 % in the elderly . Usually people complain of a feeling of spinning movement , both of the body and the environment , followed by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and sweating as a result of the balance system disorders . One form of vertigo that we often encounter in everyday life is riding high on the vehicle ( motion sickness ) .

balance disorders

There are about 80-100 diseases that can cause vertigo complaints . The main cause of vertigo is a balance disorder . In our body , the balance is set in several places . This system there is located in the peripheral ( edge ) and there is a central located ( center ) . Any disease that affects the balance of the system , either peripheral or central , can cause vertigo .

Peripheral balance system is in the ear , peripheral nerve , and brain stem . While the central balance system arranged in the brain . All forms of infection , bleeding , or tumors can disrupt the balance of the system . In addition to the above two points , eyes and limbs ( muscles and joints ) also helps maintain balance , so that disturbances in this section can also cause vertigo .

ensuring Vertigo

During a visit to the doctor to check vertigo , your doctor will begin by asking a history of the emergence of a complaint . Like what felt dizziness and other accompanying complaints , including hearing loss or ringing sound heard continuously . Complaints can be a sense of spinning or drifting that occurs in episodes or continuously.

The use of certain drugs such as streptomycin in patients with tuberculosis also affects the condition of the ear . Chronic diseases such as hypertension or diabetes affect the risk of bleeding in the brain blood vessels as well as the ear can cause vertigo . Not to forget , psychological stress factors also affect a person’s perception of pain sensation and dizziness .

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