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Watermelon Can Combat Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer and Stomach Cancer

Watermelon is well-known to have many nutritious sources. Some health benefits can be attained from it such as combat lung cancer, breast cancer and stomach cancer.

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Watermelon is a Natural Viagra

A scientific report says that relaxes blood vessels, the same effect of the drug for erectile dysfunction.


Watermelon: The New Viagra?

A recent survey claims that watermelon can produce the same effect as Viagra.

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Healthy Foods

A guide to healthy nutrition.

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A Fruit a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Fruit are absolutely a kind of food, you should not neglect. They are small in size, sweet, and nice. It is a really good choice to bring a few kinds of fruit to your working place. Therefore, instead of eating French fries, you can try eating fruit as your snack!

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Solution to Constipation

I know this article’s topic is kinda wierd…so I wont post any pictures…but im sure there’s people out there who wants to stop their constipation.


Will Watermelon Make You Fat?

Watermelon is said to be unhealthy. Will it cause you to gain weight? Are you sabotaging your diet by eating this delicious fruit.

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Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon is probably the most refreshing and thirst-quenching fruit in the planet. Aside from its cooling and revitalizing properties, this subtly crunchy fruit also has loads of health benefits including its Viagra-like effects to the body’s blood vessels.


The Natural Viagra Without Side Effects

Scientists have recently found out that watermelon can be more effective than even the Viagra pills.The green rind part of it contains the properties necessary for sexual enhancement.


Super Foods

How you can improve your health while eating these scrumptious foods.