Ways to Protect Yourself From Diabetes

Take Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is grateful that strengthens the immune system, helps to fix calcium in the body, protects against depression and breast cancer. Moreover, this product protects your body against diabetes. A recent study showed that people who have low levels of vitamin D in the body are more at risk of getting diabetes. Specifically, vitamin D stimulates insulin production.
Because vitamin D may naturally only by exposure to sunlight, it is recommended that winter to turn to pharmaceuticals. 

Quit smoking 

People who smoke even half a pack of cigarettes each day are more at risk of diabetes. This is because smoking decreases the body’s ability to use insulin, and immediately after smoking, blood sugar drops a lot. 

Do sports 

The World Health Organization says that 30 minutes of daily exercise reduces by 40% the risk of contracting diabetes. 

Not necessarily need to let go. Simply go further down, go up and down stairs, jogging, lifting weights and some cardio. 

Avoid sugar 

Try to eat as healthy as possible to avoid sweets. Do not forget that many foods contain sugar (even the unexpected such as bread). In addition, a reliable method that can exclude the risk of diabetes is a healthy diet devoid of foods high in calories and fat. 

Focus on more natural foods and less prepared through chemical processes. 


10 studies conducted last year showed that people who sleep 8 hours a night, not resting well established program or who suffer from insomnia are at risk of getting diabetes. This is because the body needs rest to metabolize glucosematch. 

Try to sleep more, ie try to sleep early, especially when you know you have to get up in the morning. It is also recommended that from time to time, to sleep in the afternoon.

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