What Do You Know About Stevia

Stevia is natural sweetener with zero calories, zero carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index. Stevia offers a genuinely delicious and healthful alternative to sugar or chemical sweeteners. The sweet part of the stevia herb is extracted and converted into an intensely sweet powder. This sweet powder is then mixed with other all-natural components to create the delicious and healthy sweetener.

The origin of Stevia is Paraguay and other parts of South America the native people of this countries have used stevia safely for centuries. Newly Stevia gained saleability as a sweetener for drinks like coffee and tea, It works also so well in cooking and baking, and with any recipes you want.

Stevia has zero calories, zero glycemic index and a zero carbohydrates, so it is perfect for people who can’t or wouldn’t like to have their blood glucose stages fluctuate at rapid levels. This includes those with diabetes, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia anyone looking to preserve a healthy life. The glycemic index measure how fast a food will increase your blood glucose level. nutrition that generate zero fluctuations in blood glucose is crucial for healthy life and decreasing the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Stevia can also help for who have weight loss plan.

World Health Organization recognized Stevia as non-toxic substance. The safety of stevia is well documented and published in scientific researches. The Stevia is gradually finding its way into the homes of millions around the globe and major companies such as Coca cola and Pepsi co beging entring Stevia in thier productions. Stevia can be founded in consumer products across the world, particularly Japan, China and South America.

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