What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Wifey?

Men are confusing creatures. It’s like they have their own language to speak in that is specifically created just to confuse the heck out of women everywhere. A guy can take a simple sentence and structure it in a way that leaves you feeling lost, confused, and utterly hopeless to ever be able to translate his language.

When they really want to throw you for a loop, they use pet names. All it takes is one word and you’re left wondering where you stand with them. Regardless of your relationship with the guy, a simple pet name can change everything.

Every once in awhile, you develop a strong friendship with a guy and he begins calling you “wifey.” This is normally the point that sends every woman into a panic wondering if their friend likes them, doesn’t want to just be friends anymore, or has been misreading the situation which leads to reexamination of the relationship and even a slight changing of heart before realizing that it was all likely for nothing.

In order to escape this labyrinth of mind-spinning, we’ve asked a few guys what they mean when they use that particular term of endearment. So, before you get all worked up, let’s break their answers down a bit to help you understand where that leaves the two of you.

1. He feels a very strong connection to you and sees you as a strong female bond that he relies on. You are the friend that knows his secrets, hopes, and fears and the one he talks about his personal issues with.

2. You are his best friend that is also a girl. You are the person he goes to for advice on relationships, friendships, and life in general. Even better than just wanting your advice, he actually listens to it because he thinks that you are wise and uses it. That is a massive amount of trust in you and your opinions that he wouldn’t give anyone else.

3. He is saying that he’ll treat you with the utmost respect like he would want to treat his future wife and he feels that you treat him the same way. You may be the absolute best of friends, or just a good friend, but he sees you as someone worth putting on a pedestal.

4. Despite wherever the road may take you eventually, he considers you a great friend and confidant. He will always feel comforted by your presence and the role you play in his life.

5. He sees your value and is letting you know that he does and that you are valuable. This is the kind of guy who will have your back through thick and thin because he knows that you deserve respect from those around you. He sees you as someone untouchable and amazing.

6. He is casually flirting with you without putting your friendship in a compromising position to see how you’ll react. Chances are, if you teasingly call him hubby back, he’ll flirt more frequently and you’ll know that he is laying low but saying that he has feelings for you.

7. He cares about you deeply. This doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to date you, but that you will be a fixture in his life for a while and someone that he always looks back on fondly if you go your separate ways. Even if you move away and never talk to him again, your voice and words will always have a place in the back of his mind that he’ll call up when he’s needing it.

8. You completely get each other and it’s just an affectionate nickname for you. When you are so in sync that you know exactly what each other are thinking at any given moment, you are practically an old married couple and calling you wifey just lets you know that he recognizes that bond.

9. He is into you and is trying to let you know that he’s waiting for you to come around to the idea. This is his subtle hint that he’s waiting in the wings for the next opportunity to expand your relationship. He knows you aren’t quite ready for that, but he wants you to know that he’s there when you are. Since you’ve likely been friends for a long time, the transition wouldn’t be very hard to pull off if you want to.

Next time one of your favorite friends decides to spit out the name “Wifey” at you with no warning, you should be a little more prepared to understand what he is actually saying. Overall, the term of endearment just means that he really respects you and is telling you that is his own way with no mushy stuff. Is there really any better way to be treated by a guy?

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