What Does It Mean When A Guy Hugs You From Behind?

Guys can be seriously confusing. One minute they are your friends, and the next they are throwing obvious flirtation your way. Not only is it weird at first and freaks you out, but there are tons of ways to take their actions. Do they really like you or are you imagining it? Would a possible relationship ruin your friendship? Will you even be able to look at him the same way now? Do friends really make the best partners in the long run?
One of those odd gestures that can leave you lost is a hug from behind. Even odder, what if he is someone you don’t know, someone you barely know, or someone you have known forever. Actually, what does a hug from behind mean in general? Because those are all questions that go through your mind when it actually happens, it was important to get some answers.

I did a lot of the footwork for you and asked a lot of guys what they meant by hugging a girl from behind. Here’s what they had to say:

1. He is coping a feel of your body which is extremely rude, disrespectful, and technically molestation if it is without your permission. This position allows his pelvis to touch your rear which means he is using you for his own gratification.

2. He is locking you in position which can be very dangerous. If you do not know the guy, headbutt him or something and get away. It is NOT okay for a guy you don’t know to do this. Make sure people around hear you yell at him to never do that again so that he’ll feel their eyes and walk away.

3. He is trying to make other people think that the two of you are intimate and is being a complete jerk while using you as a prop. If you are not intimate, kick his butt and make a point of staying away. Especially if you are concerned about your reputation.

4. He is being affectionate and is a friend, relative, or someone else close to you who is not looking for anything sexual, or romantic. These are normally short hugs from guys you completely trust.

5. He is wanting to cuddle just like spooning but standing up. If you lean into him and let him hold you then he can support you which will makes him feel trusted and in control.

6. He is initiating contact with you because he likes you but is unsure of how to properly do it. This is not the right way to show you his feelings, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen occasionally.

7. He is in the mood for some loving and that position allows him to feel your body as well as put your breasts within his reach and under his forearm. He is also able to smell your perfume and reach your neck to kiss it.

8. He is being cuddly and is already in a relationship with you. He is just wanting to spend some time snuggled up with you. Physical contact is always a way to help a relationship between two people grow as it brings you closer together.

9. You are both focused in one direction, so he is hugging you from behind which is pretty simple. If you are looking at a place where you are considering putting the couch, or a ball game, then he is just maintaining physical contact while you are both looking.

10. He was trying to surprise you by his contact which guys just do not get can be terrifying for women. Especially if any sensitive places are touched or rubbed. If you are close, then this contact may be okay, but if it scares you, tell him not to sneak up on you again.

11. He is feeling protective of you and is showing you that you are precious to him. Since he can be close to you, feel your skin, and smell your perfume, he is basically just taking you in and enjoying your presence.

The next time you find yourself being embraced from behind, you will have a pretty good idea of what it could mean and what he is trying to say to you. If you are happy with the contact, then just relax into him and let him hold you for a while. If you are not liking the contact at all, let him know. Loudly and with a few new bruises if necessary. Just make sure that you do not allow any contact that you are not comfortable with because you don’t have to endure anything you don’t want to.

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