Kiss On The Neck

What Does It Mean When A Guy Kisses Your Neck?

When a man kisses you anywhere for the first time it can be truly exhilarating. You may find yourself excited and curious as to why he is kissing you the way he is. Every type of kiss has a different meaning behind it. That can make it hard to know which kiss means what. What does a kiss on the neck mean and does the meaning change if it happened while hugging?
There are certain kisses that are platonic, mild and quite boring. However, there are sensual kisses that definitely go beyond the bounds of friendship. One of those types of kisses are neck kisses. Necks are one of the most vital parts of our human bodies. It is your lifeline. Some of your most important arteries lay under the skin that is on your neck. But when you get kissed on the neck it can give you the most amazing, intense feeling in the world! You might find that the super tiny hairs on your arms sticking up or you may suddenly develop goosebumps all over the place. Why is that? Why does it seem to drive women, and men, crazy when they receive kisses upon their necks? It is because the neck is extremely sensitive. It is considered an erogenous zone, which mean that it can arouse both men and women when it is touched. So when a guy is kissing your neck it means that he is trying to arouse you AKA get your attention! He knows that part of your body is very sensitive. He can caress it, bite it or even breath on the nape of it gently to see if he can turn you on.
Neck kissing is a lust filled act and usually is not done by friends. If a guy is kissing you like this, he is interested in you at least physically. It is a more intimate way of kissing someone, unlike pecks on the cheek or a kiss on the forehead. Those could be done by friends or by someone who is in love with you. However, this type of kiss (kiss on the neck) is a giveaway that there is something more going on between you. There is a line in the sand between friends, and we think it might be drawn at neck kissing.
Although, it may not mean that he is trying to get ultra intimate with you. It could definitely mean that he is teasing you or just showing affection towards you in a more personal way. This is most often seen with long-term couples, but does happen with people who are just getting to know each other. Especially if there is a lot of sexual tension between the two parties.
When a guy comes up from behind you as a surprise and puts his arms around your waist, it could mean that his intentions are much more romantic. He wants to have the element of surprise to do something that he assumes that you will like, all while getting closer to you. It is still a very sensual kiss for him to give you, but if he does it in that specific fashion, it may mean that he is just trying to play around with you and find an excuse to hold you. Isn’t that the sweetest thing? We think so, too. This is one of the more special neck interactions he can make with you. It definitely melts our hearts! rather than you telling him to kiss my neck.
Once in a while he might not just kiss you, he might do other things involving your neck. It can be while he is kissing you or while you two are just together. So, now you are probably wondering what other types of things can he do and what they mean?
When he breaths on the nape of your neck from behind this could mean that he is trying to initiate foreplay with you by arousing you. Not as romantic, but still very exciting, don’t you think?
Then you have the times when you may find him making a sucking motion on your neck with his lips in between kissing you there. That means that he is very sexually attracted to you and may also be trying to get more intimate with you at that time. Beware, though, this type of neck kissing gives you what are called hickeys! They are cause by the sucking motion as it breaks little capillaries under your skin and it causes bruising. So, if you are worried about the visibility because you’ve got something important to do later, just gently remind him to not do too much of that motion in one spot (even if you like it!).
What if you are not asking, ‘what does it mean when a guy kisses your neck while hugging’ but biting, nibbling, etc.Lastly there are nibbles. Nibbling on the neck is when a guy gently bites at your neck without using his teeth. This type of interaction could mean he is just playing around. It does not mean that he wants to get intimate right that second. He could just be trying to tickle you a little. It will definitely make you giggle if he does it! Either way, kisses on the neck

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