What Does It Mean When A Guy Touches Your Face While Kissing?

Being intimate with someone can bring a lot of questions to the surface. Questions like, ‘Am I doing this right?’ Or, ‘Is he doing this right?’ And sometimes even, ‘What the heck is going on right now?!

Kissing someone can be terrifying if you are not used to it! Kissing someone new can make you more nervous than you have ever felt in your entire life. And then when he goes and does something different out of the blue… Well, that can just be downright frightful.

Like when you kiss someone new and they use crazy amounts of tongue when you are not used to it. Or when you are having a deep makeout session and he keeps his eyes open. But, what we are here to talk about today is when a guy kisses you and he touches your face at the same time. This is definitely not something everyone is accustomed to when it comes to kissing another person. It can throw us off our game, because suddenly we are sitting there wondering what it means and whether it’s a good thing or ultimately if it’s a bad thing!

Well, put your mind at ease… Drumroll please…

A guy who touches your face while he is kissing you is a good thing!!

So put those fears away and enjoy all the making out you possibly can with him.

Sometimes men find kissing or sex to be purely physical. You might think that of course it is physical because it is a physical action. Wrong.

These types of physical intimacy can have emotional bearings behind them. Which makes them more wonderful and more intimate.

However, when he touches your face while he’s locking lips with you it can mean two things.

Let’s review them, shall we?

Meaning #1: He’s Super Horny
So yes, most of the time when a guy touches your face during these moments it means he has deeper feelings for you, but there could also be a slight chance that he’s just super turned on! He may not even realize he is doing it. He might grab your face a little aggressively to keep himself from grabbing other parts of you… If you know what we mean! But the good news is that this is still a good thing. It means he has a very strong attraction towards you. This meaning usually comes with a specific set of gestures. He might grasp your cheek, almost close to your neck, because he is feeling a bit frisky at this time. He might also put his hand halfway on your neck and across your cheek. Also another sign his loins may just be on fire for you.
Meaning #2: He Cares About You Deeply

And the other meaning behind when a guy touches your face while kissing you is that he actually really has strong feelings for you. A man who feels protective, caring and in love with you will often put his fingers or hands on your face in different ways while being intimate. How can you tell the difference between this type of feeling and him just being super turned on? It’s easy. There are also a specific set of gestures that come with this meaning. You might find a man who truly likes you and cares about you romantically will cup your chin. This is a gentle movement meaning he wants to be in control of the kiss, but he cares about you on a deeper level at the same time. You might also find that a man will caress your face if this is the meaning behind the gesture. Or, lastly, he might cup both of your cheeks with both hands to show you he is being sincere in his kissing and that he wants your full attention on him.

There usually aren’t any other reasons for a man to do this type of thing. So pay attention how he does this movement and then reference this guide to know for sure what i means!

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