What is a Charge Capture System?

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A Charge Capture system is when a doctor submits the charges to be billed to a patient’s insurance company or to the patient based on the services they received.  This could include a check-up, x-rays, surgery, or any service the doctor or hospital provides for the patient.  This can now be done with a mobile phone or computer using a web based software.

Why use a Charge Capture system?

This system helps with the correct coding of each service therefore reducing the amount of incorrect billing to the patient and insurance company. This in turn reduces the amount of work for the doctor’s office staff and increases revenue for his medical practice.  It is very important to use the correct charge capture method for your office which leads to the next question:

Which method is right for your office?

There are many different methods for entering charges and the best way to find out which one is right for your office is to understand how they work.

A charge slip would be created to show the needs of your individual office.  It would list codes and procedures commonly used in the treatment of your patients.  You can further personalize a charge slip to show whether the patient was in for a routine appointment, follow-up, etc.

Online charge slips allow the doctor or nurse to submit a charge immediately after seeing a patient.  This method can help cut down errors in submitting the correct service given to the patient and most importantly for the physician, it is fast! This method cuts out the use of paper slips which can easily be misplaced during a busy day.

Quick entry charge method is usually used by the biller.  Using this method for changes and updates to a charge entry can be done quickly and with ease. This method also helps the physician and his staff by giving a list of appointments for the day that charges will need to be entered on.

A transaction entry works a lot like a quick entry charge with the exception of not having the link to patient appointments.

Another point to remember when choosing the right charge capture system for your office is if it has a coding error feature.  This coding error feature would make sure errors were correct before submission to a patient’s insurance company.  This feature would cut down on costly mistakes in billing for the physician and patient.

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