What to Do When Your Woman Gets Pregnant

Guys when your woman gets pregnant there will be some very real symptoms the first few months. Especially the first one, Pregnancy will mess with her hormones in a very real way. Chances are it will leave you scared and almost unwilling to do anything for fear of annoying her.

The first biggest change will probably be the wonderful experiences of morning sickness. Her body is preparing for the baby so its very normal for her to go through this. Although everybody is different, and for some lucky few they will not have to endure this spectacle. Chances are….you wont be one of those lucky few. Most women will go through this process and it can be quite debilitating for them. After a few weeks it may stop, for others it could last throughout the entire pregnancy. And don’t be fooled into thinking morning sickness, only happens in the a.m. It doesn’t most women will experience nausea throughout the day.

A good trick to helping ward this off, would probably be sticking to bland foods dry toast or crackers. Make sure you always have water or Gatorade nearby. If your girl is actually vomiting allot she will need to replace fluids and electrolytes with drinks designed for replacing those lost nutrients. So if you are looking for ways dad can be a hero, nutrition is just one.

After a few weeks of that pleasant experience most women will often feel sleepy. Making life is a big thing,and it takes allot of energy for a human body to do it. If she feels tired, take a nap with her. Or just lounge around for a few, before you go out.

Oh and lets not forget the weird pregnancy food cravings. Doctors say this is the way a humans body copes with missing nutrients. She may even start eating foods she didn’t like before. Don’t be surprised if your woman starts to crave salty foods. Salty meals helps double the volume of blood in a woman’s uterus to help her accommodate the babies needs.

Don’t panic but she will start to put on the pounds. Just make sure you two are are eating healthy foods when she starts putting on those pounds. Making life is a big thing, and your biggest function will probably be support, while she is going through these changes. Have fun and remember…Your gonna be a father.

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