What Turns a Girl on

First and foremost, let’s make it clear that no girls are exactly the same. Women are all very different and have very different tastes. So your “go to” move will never work the same on every girl you’re with. That being said, there are things most women enjoy and are turned on by.

However, it’s always a game of trial and error. If you want to know what women like, you have to try new things and even communicate with them. If you want to just surprise her with something that’s a turn on, we have just what you need. These tips for what turns on a girl are exactly what you need to get her to like you.

Why You Should Always Try to Turn Her On
Many girls have deal breakers. And those deal breakers are usually very firm. If she’s turned off by something you do, it’s difficult for her to forget about it and move on. Therefore, you have to be conscious about what you’re doing and when. Being on your game at all times in the beginning of your relationship is very important to turning her on.
The Different Types of Being Turned on
When most people think of turned on they think of it in a sexual sense. While that’s definitely a type of being turned on, there’s also being turned on in a general sense. Meaning women have certain things that men do that they’re intrigued by. They’re turned onto you in an intellectual and emotional manner in addition to sexually. In order to be a master of turning on women, you have to be able to do both types.
What Turns a Girl on Emotionally and Intellectually?

These are all of the things that a girl sees and she wants to immediately talk to you and get to know you more. These turn-ons are not based on sex at all. They’re more about how you hold yourself and conduct yourself during conversation.

1. Your confidence.

Confidence is a huge thing that’ll turn on a girl. If you walk up to her feeling great about yourself and who you are, she’ll be able to tell and it’ll definitely make her interested in you. Just don’t go overboard because being cocky is NOT turn on.

2. How you dress.

Someone who is well dressed is always seen as more interesting than those who just don’t care. This doens’t mean you need to have a suit on all the time, it just means you have to look put together and have your own style.

3. Being in control of your life.

If your life is crazy and you don’t have control over anything, that will look bad. Girls like a guy who has their shit together and isn’t trying to get all his ducks in one row. They’re more turned on by a man who knows what he wants.

4. Being adventurous.

A guy who is a stick in the mud is no fun – and girls like fun. If you really want to know what turns a girl on, you need to be adventurous. Even if she’s not the adventurous type, she’ll find it intriguing and different and will go for it.

5. Your ability to make her feel special.

Making a girl feel like she’s different from others is a huge turn on – because we are. We don’t like to be treated like we’re all the same so making a point to treat her like she’s different and special is a huge turn on.

6. Someone proud of their accomplishments.

Now, don’t take this and start boasting about yourself, that would be the worst thing you can do. However, if you have accomplished great things, don’t feel like you have to hide them either. Be proud.

7. Being sweet and caring.

I don’t care what anyone has ever told you about being a “jerk” and girls liking it. Girls want a sweet and caring man over anything else. Why? Because they want to know that you’ll be kind even when things get tough. So it’s a huge turn on when a guy is.

8. A guy who is witty.

Wit has the ability to stun girls. If you can banter really well and have a very witty way of communicating, it’s a huge turn on for girls. We like someone who can surprise us and make us think – so being witty is a definite turn on.

9. A guy who is smart and not afraid to show it.

That being said, we also like someone who is smart. Don’t hide your intelligence from us. No girl will be turned on by a man who is really dumb or acts stupid. But on the other hand, don’t make us feel stupid with your intelligence.

10. A gentleman.

Being a gentleman is a huge turn on right away. It not only shows that you respect us, but that you’re willing to go above other men in order to show us that. So pull out our chairs, open doors for us, and be chivalrous.

11. Being passionate about your interests.

This may not sound like a typical turn on, but women LOVE watching a man be passionate about something they love. Knowing they proudly display their passions makes us think about what else he could be very passionate about.

12. Being interested in HER passions.

Now on the flip side, you also have to show interest in her passions. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about it. If you show her you’re interested and allow her to talk about it, that’s enough.

13. A man who is a leader.

This doesn’t mean you need to boss her around and tell her what to do. But instead, it means that if you’re a natural leader and have a way of making people listen to you, it’s a turn on.

14. A humble man.

A cocky guy is a huge turn OFF. Therefore, you need to remain humble. It’s a huge turn on when a guy is really amazing and still has head on his shoulders. It shows that you’ll remain poised no matter what.

15. A guy who has a plan for life.

It’s one thing to be a free spirit, it’s another to have a plan for your life. Women are really turned on by a guy who knows what he wants in life and who to get it.

What Turns a Girl on Sexually?

So you’ve made it past phase one of turning on a girl and now you want to heat things up. Well, we have what you need. These are the turn-ons that most women have sexually. Keep in mind that you may have to try a few things to find something that works because every woman is different.

1. A man who makes her feel safe.

Feeling safe and secure it basically something every woman wants. The only problem is knowing how to do it for her. Each girl will have their own way they feel safe and your job is to make sure she feels that – no matter what. It’s a huge turn on sexually.

2. He puts her needs first.

We all know that guys have an easy time getting off in the bedroom. That’s just how their bodies work. That being said, it’s a HUGE turn on when a man makes sure to put the woman’s needs first. When he takes his time to make sure she’s pleased, it’s extremely sexy.

3. A guy who will wait for her to be ready.

Another really big turn on for women is when a guy is respectful of her wishes to wait – no matter how long. Not everyone is ready to jump into bed after a couple of dates. But when a guy accepts that she wants to wait, it’s actually a bigger turn on.

4. A guy who takes it slow.

The build up to sex is sometimes the best part. When a man wants to take it slow and prolong getting to the sex, it’s a huge turn on because it allows women enough time to get warmed up and ready for him. This is a crucial part of making sure a woman is also satisfied in bed. If you slow things down and take your time, it’s definitely something that turns a girl on.

5. A man who knows what he’s doing.

We understand that not all men are as experienced as other. That being said, it’s still a huge turn on when a man knows how to please a woman in the bedroom. If you’re not as experienced, that’s okay. There are plenty of guides online for you to get an idea as to what women like.

6. Smelling really good.

There’s just something about a man that smells amazing that’s a huge turn on for a girl. If she can inhale and enjoy what you smell like, she’s automatically interested in getting much closer to you.

7. Having good hygiene.

Smelling good isn’t everything. You also need to have good hygiene in general. That means making sure you’re cleaned and groomed whenever you get intimate with her. If she notices that you’re unkempt and really dirty, it’s a turn off and you probably won’t be getting lucky.

8. A man who is gentle but can take the lead.

We don’t want someone controlling every little thing we do in the bedroom, but when a man takes charge and can still be gentle about it, it turns a girl on immensely. So if you want to be in charge and take the lead, then do it. Just remember to remain gentle and comforting at the same time – unless she says otherwise.

9. A guy who can switch things up.

It’s great if a man is experienced, but not if he only has ONE move that can make a girl turned on. Women want a man who can switch up positions, intensity, and rhythm with ease. Not only does it make the sex more interesting, it pleases her more, too.

10. A man who can make her feel loved while being sexual.

Sex isn’t always romantic. Sometimes it’s primal and intense and that’s okay. But if a man can make a woman still feel loved while also being very intimate in a sexual way, it’s a huge turn on for girls. Many women can get one or the other, but not often both at the same time. So be that man and make her feel amazing and loved all at once.

Women are all very different and some are very complicated. In order to turn a girl on, you have to be willing to get to know them deeply. You have to know what specifically she likes so you can use that to turn her on.

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