When Do Men Stop Growing?

The amount we grow from birth to adulthood is staggering, and we are right to be amazed at the complex processes that go into creating what we are – human beings. We often think that we continue to grow throughout our lives, and in some senses this is definitely true. In others however, it’s not. It would seem that we really don’t know the answer to the question …
We all know that boys have a habit of going through that growth spurt stage at between 12 and 16 years of age – when puberty hits and a lot of bodily changes happen all at once. It can be a confusing time of life, especially when you consider that you can go to bed with your clothes fitting just fine, and wake up realising many of them are now too small. The growth spurt can happen as if by magic overnight in some cases, and it’s wise to be prepared for that.

During this four year puberty period, it is not unusual for a boy to grow around twelve inches. That’s a foot, just in case you were wondering. At the same time, weight is common to increase, as well as the length and size in general of the limbs and larger parts of the body – hands, arms, feet, and legs. That’s why teenage boys are known for being so clumsy – various parts of their body are growing at a staggering rate!

The vocal chords start to change during this time, of course, and this is usually the period of life in which a male will start to grow hair – facial, as well as various other parts of his body. The skin is also going through changes, hormones rushing all through the body, and this can cause a number of problems. Acne is very common during puberty in both boys and girls.

But when do they stop growing?
Some scientists believe that most men stop growing at the age of 18. There are some that continue to grow, in height as well as other areas, until they are 21, but this is rare. Even rarer than this is the few that continue to grow until they reach the age of 25. There are a lot of factors that will change the outcome of growth however.
Height – What Are the Factors?
There are so many things that will change the outcome of how tall a man will grow. Genetics play an important role, as do environmental factors, and other things such as the food you eat, the exercise you partake in, and the hormone levels in your own body. There is only one contributing factor to decreasing your height, and that is said to be stress.
What About the Penis?

Your penis will continue to grow for the entire time you are going through puberty, although there is no definitive answer as to how long puberty lasts for. Some people say that their puberty stopped at around age 16, while others have said 14, and others have said 18 and even later too. For the most part, your penis will stop growing when you are between 16 and 18 years of age.

This is all down to growth hormones which are stimulated with the onset of puberty, and are continually produced throughout the entirety of puberty. There is a very small part of the brain, found deep within it, that produce these growth hormones, and they are produced when you sleep. This is why sometimes you wake up through puberty and you’re sure you’re taller than you were yesterday!

Can You Grow Taller?

Although there are no real scientifically proven ways to increase height, with the exception of rather intrusive and risky surgical options, there are some things you can do to ensure you reach the maximum height you should reach. One of those ways is to ensure that you are getting plenty of sleep, especially when you are going through puberty. Those growth hormones are stimulated and produced when you sleep, so if you don’t get enough sleep, your body won’t have a chance to produce as many of these hormones as it should do.

Taking care of your posture is another way to ensure you look as tall as you should do. Slumping over and always hunching will make you look smaller, and with years of this behaviour can even lead to a deformed or hunched-back. Stretches can help, especially if you do them daily, and they can be simple ones such as bending over and touching your toes. When you start the day with morning stretches, you are starting your day by stretching out your posture. If you keep this up, your posture will improve, and you’ll appear taller also.

If you don’t have a balanced and healthy diet, and you don’t exercise, you won’t reach your full potential. If you don’t have the right vitamins, for example, you could find that deficient diets actually hinder the growth process. Calcium and zinc are great vitamins and minerals to increase in your diet – these are important for healthy growth of teeth and also bones. The bones are the structure for your entire body.

We mentioned exercise briefly, but it definitely deserves another mention. Exercise is the best way to stretch out your entire body, and to ensure that you are in prime condition. When you exercise you are more likely to be flexible, and you’ll be less likely to be overweight. Exercise and eating healthy will not help you to grow taller, but they will help you reach your maximum potential, and be as happy and as healthy as you can.

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