When Someone is Suffering with an Addiction to Alcohol

When someone is suffering with an addiction to alcohol, it is not easy for them to talk to just anyone about their feelings. Getting alcohol counseling from someone trained to help people get sober and stay sober is important. Many alcoholics have feelings of guilt and shame that can cause them to be depressed. While they may recognize a need for change, they do not always know how to deal with the struggles they face.

The Professionals

Trained counselors have the expertise necessary for guiding individuals to and through the process of recovery. These professionals are non-judgmental and genuinely want their clients to succeed. There are several options for individuals who are ready for help. The counselor listens to the alcoholic without being critical and makes every effort to help the person find the process that works best for them.

The Evaluation

The substance abuse counselor will complete a comprehensive evaluation with the individual seeking help. It is important for the counselor to get to know the person’s history, family history, any medical issues he or she may be having, about their relationships with family and friends and what has brought them to counseling.

The Plan

The trained professional will develop a case plan based on the information gathered during the assessment. Because there are a number of approaches the professional can use, it is important to gather as much information about the client as possible. With any type of addiction there are issues that will need to be identified and addressed so that the individual can overcome the addiction.


Seeking help for alcohol addiction is handled with confidentiality. You can be assured that what is said in your sessions is between you and the counselor. Confidentiality is extremely important for building a trusting relationship between the counselor and the client. The client must feel safe in order to open up and deal with his or her issues successfully.

The Root Of The Problem

A good counselor will be able to help the person not only get sober but learn to appropriately cope with the problems that drinking to excess has caused. The professional will assist the alcoholic to take control of their life and learn to live without alcohol. Following the goals and objectives that were set up before counseling began, the individual will gain confidence as they see their progress.

The Decision

It is important that the person seeking help contacts a trained substance abuse counselor as soon as they feel ready. Making the decision to make changes that will help you lead a sober life is the first step to getting better. Once the person is able to identify what triggers lead them to want a drink, the counselor is able to help them learn healthy coping skills to prevent relapse.

Remember that a trained professional has experience in providing alcohol counseling. Based on each individual’s assessment, the counselor will develop a treatment plan that will work best. They help the individual develop goals and objectives and assist with learning alternative coping behaviors so they can maintain their sobriety. Remember that there are a number of problems that a person will be dealing with that are a direct result of excessive drinking they may even need to be in an alcohol rehab program to overcome their addiction.

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