Why Sandra Bullock Likes to Apply Hemorrhoids Cream?

The famous Hollywood actress with beauty charm and handsome face, but some of them turned out to have a strange beauty rituals and not enviable. The reason, has not been clinically proven as well as at high risk for overall skin health.

Such abstracted Stylist, following some kind of advice regarding beauty care Hollywood celebrities absurd and harm:  

Sandra bullock, hemorrhoid cream used for eye bags
During the filming of the movie Miss Congeniality, Sandra Bullock studied a “technique” beauty is very useful to deflate eye bags, that applying hemorrhoid cream to the area under the eyes.

“Before, I never deny that the cream hemorrhoids may be applied to the face. It turns out that this cream is very effective in reducing eye puffiness, and reduces wrinkles around the eyes, “he said.

This tips  maybe is wrong, because until now there has never been an official statement from research or a dermatologist or scientist, who said that the hemorrhoid cream can reduce eye bags and powerful “dispel” wrinkles.

Gwyneth Paltrow, often bask under the sun
In an interview with the magazine Cosmopolitan UK, Gwyneth Paltrow once said that every man should have, especially women, are not afraid of the sun, even when possible should not be afraid to bask in the sun all the time. 

His advice is clearly at odds with tips and advice from the experts and doctors, they just say that not too often exposed to the sun, but the sun in the morning, and even then only allowed no more than 15 minutes.

Lady Gaga, wipe eye makeup with tape
tells Lady Gaga ever harder to clean the whole swirling glitter on the body and face, especially in the crease of the eye. As a result, he chose to use a cleaning tape. The trick, stick masking tape on the crease of the eye and then release quickly, exactly as do the waxing.

Gaga statement, cash raises the pros and cons, most of the refuse tip beauty. Therefore, common sense and reality, the skin around the eyes is fairly thin and delicate that there are many sensitive nerve. Essentially, eye care, be it a mask or makeup application, must be done by slowly and carefully.

Snooki, scrubbing with sand cat litter
In his book Confessions of a guidette , Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, a popular celebrity thanks to the production of the MTV series , Jersey Shore , write treatments scrubbing maximize results when done with sand cat litter. Disgusting? Very! According to experts, the sand cat litter when applied as scrubs the skin can lead to injury, inflammation, and tore the skin pores.

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