Why Women Moan During Sex

Do moans matter? It may sound like a weird question, but it’s not one that hasn’t crossed your mind during sex. Though each woman is different, most of them, at some point during sex, moan. You may have even of heard other couples having sex, distinctively because of the moaning sounds. But what does it mean? When a woman moans, is this an indicator that she’s enjoying it? Is she in pain? As a female, sometimes I don’t even notice if I’m moaning or not, it comes automatically. But every woman is different. There are a couple reasons why a woman moans, so it’s important to know the different reasons to answer this question.


Response to pleasure

Moaning is an automatic response your body makes to a feeling. In some cases, the feeling could be pleasure. Moaning when experiencing pleasure is similar to having someone massage your back or when you get into a warm bath. If she’s experiencing pleasure while having sex, she’ll sometimes audible through moaning. So, this can be a great sign.

Response to pain

Naturally, moaning can also be an indicator that she’s experiencing pain as well. If you’re a little too rough, applying too much pressure on her body, or at an uncomfortable angle during sex, she’ll most likely let out a moan during sex. Though this moan will be different, it’ll sound different. If she’s experiencing pain when she doesn’t want to, the moaning will be sharp and she may show pain on her face or readjust herself.

To make you feel good 

Though moaning can be a response to show pleasure, it can also be used as a way to arouse her partner. You may have had sex with someone who’s completely silent during the entire time and that’s not a fun experience. You feel like they’re not enjoying it, that you’re doing something wrong – you don’t know what to do and that can dramatically decrease your libido.

But moaning can be used as a way to communicate to you. If the woman you’re sleeping with is moaning, she could be showing you that whatever you’re doing, you’re doing right. In addition, she could also be moaning to make you more aroused. Let’s face it when you hear a woman moaning while you’re having sex with her, it only makes you hornier.

To sexually arouse herself

Who knows what’s going on in her head. She may have had a rough day at work, family issues or is hungry – you don’t know what she’s thinking about. While you’re having sex, some of these thoughts have a way to distract you from what’s really going on. Moaning can be used to refocus your thoughts and get them back to where they need to be – in the bedroom.

To change your sexual tone

Sometimes when you’re having sex with a woman, you try something new and she’s not really into it. How can you tell? She’ll either tell you or stop moaning. Moaning is a great tool to help you change your sexual tone. If she doesn’t like something, you’ll be able to hear it through her sounds, that way, you can switch up positions. Moaning can be used as a guide to tell you what you need to do and vice versa.

To quicken the process

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time to have sex. Sometimes all you can have is a quickie, which isn’t bad. However, sometimes you’re not always able to get the man to finish faster – this is where moaning comes into play. Moaning can help make a man orgasm quicker. This doesn’t mean they don’t want to have sex with you, there are various reasons why she needs a quickie. Maybe it’s her lunch break or she’s really tired from work, but she doesn’t want to ignore your needs.

To slow it down

Sex isn’t always at one pace. In fact, great sex is usually a mixture of speeds and pressures. If she wants to slow down and change the rhythm of sex, moaning can help. The pace of moans can help slow down the sex, making it more sensual and intimate.

To turn you on 

Moaning can be just the right thing to help amp up the energy. If you’re struggling with getting aroused, moaning softly can help get anyone in the mood. This is usually done softly, almost as a light nudge. What happens? Well, this usually makes the guy lose his mind.

To kill the silence

Women also moan because honestly, who wants to have sex in complete silence. Silent sex is terrifying and has the ability to kill the mood. So, women moan to increase communication and to express themselves sexually. Which means, you should too. Don’t feel blocked from wanting to express your pleasure and desires.

To make it even hotter

Sex is a lot of things and maybe it’s time for you to make it even messier and hotter. Moaning can also be used in that way. If she wants to get dirty and messy, you’ll notice her moaning becoming louder and raunchier.

Moaning has many uses, it’s not only for pleasure or pain. Pay attention to your partner’s sounds during sex. That way, you’ll be able to please your partner and ultimately please yourself as well. Listen to the moans!

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