Why You Shouldn’t Struggle to Lose Weight

Looking around and close to everyone wants to lose weight even those who are not really fat. You do not have to and If you have to, then here is what you need to know.

Nutritionists and some other diet professionals must be hating on me right now, I’m I destroying someones job or trying to take off some of their daily gym and diet customers? I really should not care so much about that, after all their are those who will go for a day without a meal just to lose some grams.

Now to the business, a huge number of the people especially ladies who go for weight loss things like gym and dieting have no ideas that losing your weight could mean that some tissues and other body organs are prone to diseases and viruses. These muscles in many times are viewed as fats which is wrong. I would suggest that before you start some workouts to lose weight you get a good advise from a doctor.

In a similar case, many people who see themselves as “fat” people weight more than the other skinnier ones because of the muscles. Their muscles weigh more and not fats or all that. If you can only give some concentration on building those muscles in a good way and less concern about the scales then life would be so good.

Probably people know this, your weight does not determine your age or anything, it does not mean that you have 3 kids if you are looking fat as well, let no one lie to you that weight is determinant of anything of the sort. Weight does not as well show your health or anything.

Their is also some water weight in the body that makes people trying to lose weight give up on it.This is a good and positive thing that tries to manage your body muscles and keep what it’s looking like lost back together. Many times you will work yourself up to only add weight and not really lose, ever asked yourself why that happens?

Now if at all you want to look pretty, beautiful and all that, it is useless, if you have big body, you can try and lose fats and even do anything to get rid of meats, but can you get rid of bones? NO! The point is God who created cats (cat walkers) is the same who created elephants and hey, we can as well have some elephant walkers .

Take care and accept yourself

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