Wich Female Country Has Biggest Breasts?

For women, the breast has become the most valuable asset. The average woman’s breasts must have longed for and contain. Beyond that of course there is also a breast wants the “super”, and some are more comfortable with a mini breast.

However, there are also countries where the average of the women have breast size is large enough, the women in Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. This fact was revealed by German newspaper Bild, which recently includes a map of “Atlas of Cup Sizes”. What is presented there is not much different from the map “Average Breast Size in the World Cup” which was created by the site TargetMap.com last year.

No mention is how the map is to determine how to measure breasts of women in various countries. Is it possible to track the purchase of bras in every country? Does breast size breast in question is genuine, including those that have undergone or are breast implants? Clearly, the size of the bra women in four countries was greater than the cup D.

Surprisingly enough, America did not occupy the top ranking in this list. In fact, the average woman over there has a D cup size breasts (though many who acquire it through breast implants). In addition, women who otherwise have the biggest breasts in the world is a native woman from Atlanta, Georgia, named Norma Stitz (52).

In addition to the U.S., Venezuela and Colombia women are also included in the state where women have an average breast cup size D.

Meanwhile, women with an average size of most small breasts (A cup) were women from Africa and Asia, particularly Southeast Asia. Including Indonesia, of course.

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