Win The War Against Warts The Natural Way

Warts are pesky skin problems that can cause embarrassment because they are unsightly and can grow in virtually any part of your body. Most common warts show up on your knees, hands, feet, and elbows. However, there are also some types that establish a colony on your mouth, nail beds and even the genital area.

Since warts are caused by viruses, particularly the human papilomavirus, they sometimes disappear on their own. According to statistics, warts in children usually disappear within six months to two years, even without any treatment. However, warts in adults are more persistent, lasting for several years.

These itchy or somewhat painful skin growths usually spread through direct contact. A person with warts can infect other people or even other parts of his or her body. You see, viral particles from warts can germinate in the skin for about a year before eventually appearing.

There are actually many ways to get rid of warts. You can opt to freeze it, undergo electrosurgery or put chemicals to help remove these skin growths. However, most of these types of treatment can be painful. If you don’t want to experience pain while getting rid of warts, you can choose to use natural anti-wart remedies. Below are some of the natural treatments you can use.


Garlic is well known for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. Putting chopped garlic or garlic oil on the affected area daily will help treat the warts in time. In order for this treatment to work, you need to be consistent and patient because it usually takes a long time before all vestiges of the warts disappear. You can also take garlic tablets to supplement your topical garlic treatment.

Gentian Violet

Another herbal remedy that is effective in naturally fighting off the wart-causing virus is the gentian violet. Preparations of this natural cure can be bought over the counter in many alternative medicine shops. Gentian helps in killing warts because of its antiseptic properties.

Olive Leaf Extract

The olive leaf has been used for many centuries, especially in the Mediterranean, to fight infections. You can take supplements that contain at least 17% of oleuropein, which is the active ingredient in olive leaf that helps in treating infections, to help put an end to your war against warts.

Homeopathic Preparations

Just visit your nearest naturopath or alternative medicine practitioner and ask what type of homeopathic remedy is ideal for your wart woes. Calcarea carbonica is a preparation that is believed to work well with warts that are fleshy, itchy and oozing with blood; while Sulfur is known to help get rid of warts that are thick, hard and throbbing. Meanwhile, Thuja occidentalis is appropriate for soft and fleshy warts. Before you take any homeopathic remedies, it is wise to seek the advice of a physician first, especially if you are taking any medication for other conditions. Some of these remedies may reduce the potency of the drugs you are taking for your other illnesses or conditions.

Vitamins And Minerals

As mentioned earlier, warts will go away on its own because it is caused by self-limiting viruses. One way to ensure that these wart-causing microbes are defeated is by strengthening your immune system. You can do this by taking multivitamins and mineral supplement.

Make sure that the supplement you are taking has high concentrations of Vitamins C and E, which are antioxidants that help in restoring and repairing damaged cells; and zinc and selenium, which are minerals that are known to strengthen your immune system. A product that contains high dosages or Vitamins E and C, zinc, selenium and other natural immune-boosting ingredients is Immunitril. Visit to learn more about this supplement.

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