Breast feeding is the natural, healthy way to feed your infant. Almost any mother can do it. Here is a little advice to get you started.

Breast feeding your child is the easiest thing you will ever do, but some young mothers do need a little support, and advice. Breast feeding is so much easier than making formula, besides getting up every two or three hours to make formula every night until the baby is several weeks old, is no fun. Also, some babies who are allergic to formula become sick, and malnourished, so for a healthy baby, and a happier mother, breast feed your baby. Doctors might advise against it but you can place the baby in bed with you to let it feed, and you both can rest. I did, and so did all my women friends, and we never had a problem.

  1. Sore nipples are common for the first few days but will soon go away.
  2. If your breast becomes red, tender, and you feel like you have the flu, see your doctor. You may have an infection. This is not common, and hardly ever happens.
  3. If your breasts hurt and feel swollen, you need to nurse your baby more often, or if you have too much milk, you should squeeze some milk out.
  4. A nursing bra is helpful for support, and it has a pad to absorb any leaking milk.
  5. If you don't have enough milk to begin with, supplement with formula.
  6. If you need advise, ask a friend or family member who has nursed a baby, for more technical advice ask your doctor.
  7. When you know you are pregnant begin stretching, and toughening your nipples by applying moisture, and pulling them. You will get your nipples used to the pulling of the baby's mouth and will have less soreness when baby starts to feed.

Have a happy pregnancy, and be sure to exercise to have an easier birth.

Here is the address of an organization dedicated to providing information on breast feeding and related issues.