Here are the most common breast feeding problems that a mother may face and some tips to overcome them.

Breast Engorgement: The most common problem every mother will face is breast engorgement. It happened due to excess milk in your breast. Your breast will feel swollen, hard, heavy and painful. To overcome the problem, simply express out some milk before feeding.

Make sure you have empty your breast after feeding by expressing the excess milk in your breast. To help you express your milk from your breast, try to stroke your breast gently with a warmed-wet hand-towel (hand-towel soaked in warm water for 2 minutes). The warmest will help your breast muscle to relax and make the expressing process easier.

If the stroking did not help you much, try use a hair-comb; simply comb your breast from the outside to the inside (nipple). Try this for 10 to 15 minutes and you will be surprise with the result.

Sore Nipple: This is happening because your baby did not take your entire areola into her mouth while breastfeed; she is just sucking your nipple! But that is not her fault; it happened when she is not in a proper positioned at your breast for breast feeding (and you are the one who puts her in that position).

You might experience discomfort and pain; to overcome this, use the proper technique to help your baby take your breast and breastfeed in a proper position. Expose your sore nipple to air may also help in relieving the soreness. Applying some expressed milk on the sore nipple also helps it heals (hey, it is like they say…mother's milk full of surprises!).

Another simple tip that may help is by putting a cabbage leaf in your bra; covering your entire breast area. The cabbage leaf helps cool the soreness, make you feel comfortable; try it! I did and its works wonderfully. But, what ever you do to relieve the soreness, DO NOT use a soap, cream or lotion on the nipple or you might be ended in poisoning your baby.

Mastitis: Inflammation of the breast may occur if your milk duct is blocked and is not drained (believe me; you don't want to experience this). Consult your doctor if this occurs, especially if the mastitis present for more than 3 days. If the inflammation produces discharge, breastfeed your baby with the other breast.

A serious mastitis problem may ends with a minor surgery. To overcome the mastitis at an early stage, keep breastfeed your baby as frequently as you can but once there is discharge coming out from your breast, you should stop immediately. Stroking your breast in order to express out the clot milk that blocking your milk duct may also help to overcome the problem. However, never-ever use a needle, pin or any sharp-pointed metal to dig out the clot milk.

Lack of Breast Milk: Either you did not start breastfeed your baby early enough nor did you do not breastfeed regularly enough; both reasons are the cause for lack of breast milk. Feed your baby as frequently as possible and as your baby wants to may overcome these problems.

Eat more protein-body-building foods, rich in vitamin, calcium and zinc, such as fish, red-meat, chicken, beans, cereal, milk, fruits and vegetables helps to increase your breast milk production. Little tips from my mother; eat chicken soup a lot or oil-free-fried bean sprouts with chive, it really helps!