Do you either endure or witness pregnant women being scrutinized? Different views of being a pregnant woman, and depicts the need to emphasize on the emotional, physical and mental state of the mother-to-be.

In today’s society pregnant women are constantly scrutinized and judged for their actions.

The moment you break the news

Once pregnant the news is broadcast and before you know it, a distant family friend approaches you to congratulate you on your good "new"! What happened to the days whereby your personal life and encounters were respected and treated personal?

Being pregnant

Being pregnant instantly labels you as a different human-being. You no longer the capable, independent career women, the nurtured lover & or wife, the socialite nor fashion icon! Who says you can’t be pregnant, capable and glamorous at the same time?

The generation gap

Not only do pregnant women have to compete with other pregnant women to survive the “good and safe pregnancy” syndrome, but they need to adjust to the mothering nature of the older generation. This does not mean that the older generation does not have correct views; it’s just sometimes the views are based on old values and methods and are completely out-of-date and unrealistic in today’s society. The older generation, question a pregnant women’s ability to:

And the list goes on…..

Competing views

Women are now their own enemies during pregnancy as they compete with other pregnant women; rather than forming a support circle during this parallel time. Also, each pregnancy is different and everyone’s emotional, physical and mental state is different; so what works for someone may not necessarily work for someone-else.

The questions during pregnant-to-pregnant conversations are generally: