This article is written as a response to the recent finding that millions of females in the US and Britain suffer from FSAD. It contains information which is medically explicit. It is written by a Lecturer in Health Sciences for the public. The information is useful in building a trusting and loving relationship.

We all of know, and can recognize, when our cat or bitch is in heat. “The Heat” in human beings is regulated by hormones and environment. We do not go through the “heat season” like our cats and bitches. However, we too have periods when we are “more hot” and “less hot”. This article examines the major influences on female human sex drive. Unlike animals, we are able to regulate our sexual drive. Also, we enjoy sex throughout our life as opposed to for a few days of “heat” which occur at or around time of ovulation.

I was prompted to write this article after I read a research paper published in the American Medical Association’s journal which stated that several million US women suffer from female sexual arousal disorder. I am a Registered Nurse and a Lecturer in Health Sciences in a Major University and am interested in the sexual well being of both males and females.

In Britain the picture is similar. However, the research comes from family planning clinics which state that they see “quite large numbers of women who complain of lack of sexual desire”. It is estimated that many of these women have no problems with having orgasms. However, they have no real desire to have sex, and their minds are not turned on by the prospect of lovemaking.

This article, examines the factors which turn the mind on or off to love making.

Over the last fifty years more and more women have entered the labor force. There is no research to show that women benefit sexually by being in the labor force. The economic gains are however very clear. It is my opinion that work is a stressors and that stress depresses sexual drive because when an individual is working, he or she has less time and energy to think about and participate in sexual activities.

Most human females do not just want to jump into bed, have sex and reach an orgasm immediately. Many males would be comfortable jumping in bed with a female, taking off their clothes and having sex. Within a space of a few minutes everything is over. Females are not like this. Human females like to be involved in lengthy foreplay.

Lengthy foreplay includes the following: Knowing the partner (male/female). Being involved in “Smooth / flirt talk” and being emotionally attached to the partner. The human male is less interested in these activities but is often willing to perform these rituals as a part of the wooing process

Human females love receiving gifts like flowers and clothing. Studies show that these behaviors by the male partner enhance receptive behavior of the female.