Working Out Before Bed

Different people find that they have more energy during different parts of the day. This often translates to when people are more likely to exercise. For morning people, they mind find that they are best served when they work out immediately after waking. Other people find they the afternoon is when their energy peaks. Night people may experience a burst of energy and think about working out before bed time.

Benefits of Working Out Before Bed

1. Better Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation has surveyed numerous people in the United States. They found that working out during the evening helps people fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. Exercise may help people who take hours to fall asleep to fall asleep faster. Some people roll around or have restless legs throughout the night, and it is possible that vigorous exercise may help them with these night problems.

2. Easier Waking

It follows that people who sleep better also find it easier to wake up. For those of us who take an hour to muster up the energy to get out of bed, evening exercise may help. Some people lay awake or roll around in bed for eight hours, but only actually get a few hours of intermittent sleep. Many people find that they wake easier because their sleep is much better.

3. More Alert

People who work out before bed may find that they are more alert during their waking hours. This is because they sleep better and wake easier. If you find that you nod off during the day, then working out before bed may help. Low levels of physical activity may influence the may to also operate at a lower level. Focus during meetings or lectures may be improved because of simple evening exercises.

4. Weight Loss

Exercising during the evening is better than not working out at all. Many people are unable or unwilling to make time to work out in the mornings or during the day. Most people have time to watch television or play video games in the evening. By reducing the amount of time that we view media, we can increase the amount of time for physical activity. This will help you lose weight and maintain the healthy energy levels that you may desire.

5. Increased Energy

Working out before bed will allow your body to recuperate during the night. This will leave you will extra energy in the morning. Many people who work out in the morning find that their bodies are tired in the afternoon, and the same applies for people who work out in the afternoon. Evening workouts allow the body time to relax and repair itself while we sleep. Nearly everyone is benefited by having more energy for daily tasks.

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