You are a Road Sign That Leads to Love

You are a road sign made up of an accumulation of your life choices. You choose to get out of bed in the morning, choose what you will eat for breakfast, choose what you wear for work, choose what to say or not say to people throughout the day, choose to be kind or unkind, and choose whom to go home to at the end of the day. Life is a moment to moment decision and you are free to make positive life choices which can benefit you, or not.

Complaining is really an outward display of a decision, which has already been made on the inside, not to choose to do things differently. Why do people resist making necessary positive changes in their life, even if it will bring them more happiness? If people choose to be honest, the answer is obvious. It is a fear of change.

Nothing lasts forever, because life is always changing. If we don’t learn to change in new positive ways, then we can’t expect any positive changes to happen in our life. Old bad habits, which do not serve any positive goals, will shackle us into our old ways. And, as life and people change around us, we will remain the same.

This can be why some relationships don’t last. It can be fortunate, or unfortunate, that people change over time. With every new experience, people change, some in more ways than others. We need to adapt and change with the people in our lives just as much as others need to adapt to our changes, if we want to grow into a new life together.

Your road to a new life is riddled with life changing signs, if you look for them. A new job, a new hobby, new body and even a new love in your life is possible, if you can change our old ways for new ones. If you want to find love, then become the person you want to be , and you will become a road sign in the life of others. Love can find you, if you show it the way.

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