Cell Phone Addiction

Cell phone addiction (particularly in teenagers) is becoming common as cell phones become more popular. If your teen is constantly texting, avoiding home work and is preoccupied with her phone, she might be addicted. Studies show that cell phone addiction is similar to pathological gambleing.

Are you or your teen addicted to your cellphone? Are you are your teen uncomfortable if you are out of reach of your cell phone? Are you constantly checking to see if you have a missed call? Is your teen constantly texting?Is there decreased production due to your cell phone use? If you can answer yes to these questions, it’s a fair guess to say you or your teen are addicted. Recent studies show cell phone addiction resembles those of pathological gambling. Among the signs of addiction is feeling anxious and depressed without your phone. Using it to escape feelings of loneliness and isolation is another sign.

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Male and female addictions are about the same for either sex. Outgoing adults and teens are even more prone to addictions than their more introverted brothers and sisters. Bored and inactive for too long, teens turn to cell phones to socialize. This increases the chance of addiction. They worry they will miss a connection. Some kids can’t control the cravings. Cell phones numerous functions, phone, camera, email, games, and the Internet offer lots of reasons to stay on the phone. And if you take the cell phone away, the kids turn moody, depressed and irritable.

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The more teens talk and text on the phone the less productive they might be in more important areas. They may lose interest in developing their minds, their learning abilities, and joining in social situations. It’s in your teens best interest to keep an eye on his cell phone activities and limit cell phone use if you suspect it’s getting out of hand.

Studies on the risk of cell phones use and cancer goes on. When holding the cell phone close to your ear, it’s antenna sits close to your brain. It seems high risk for absorbing the antenna’s electromagnetic radiation. In one study Swedish researchers found an association between long term cell phone users and brain tumors. One type of tumor is an acoustic neuroma, a benign tumor of the brain’s auditory nerve. The side of the head where the cell phone meets the ear may be at risk for gliomas, malignant tumors of the connective tissue found in the central nervous system. Youngsters and teen’s nervous systems are still developing so that puts them at even greater risks for cancer associated with radiation from cell phone use. Experts cannot tell us a safe limit for cell phone use. So cutting back can only help.

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  1. cell phone and computer addiction both are equally bad!

  2. excellent

  3. I never carry mine unless I’m travelling out of town and I don’t know how to text. I guess I’m not addicted but I have a ton of missed calls.

  4. I’m sometimes almost as guilty of talking and texting as my teen.

  5. I totally agree with you! Great article.

  6. Everyone at work is always on their cell phones. It drives me nuts!

  7. I 100% agree with you. Great article!

  8. The cancer part is scary especially for kids going forward who might have decades of cell phone addiction.

  9. Great article. I never got addicted to cell phone, but to computer now a days, because of triond :-(

  10. A thoroughly sensible advice.

  11. Great advice! I don’t even know where mine is but you can bet when I catch up with it will have missed calls. My landline answer machine normally has 40 or 50 messages on it because even though I’m home I never pic it up. But I hate to be without my computer!

  12. cell phone is the outcome of modern technology and its usage has become inevitable.To draw a line between usage and addiction is quite difficult, especially for those people who heavily relies upon it.But one thing I can agree. Its excessive use among the student community should be curbed to some extent.That too only at home when they are under your control.when they are out it is quite impossible.The threat of brain tumor and other attendant evils has become a subject of hot debate and yet to be established.Thanks for sharing.

  13. I actually do more texting on mine than my teenage daughter does on hers.

  14. Good article. I just use mine as and when I need it. I miss the days when our lives were not ruled by the mobile phone, I don’t want to be constantly available.

  15. u r very true…

  16. Thank goodness my teens did not have cell phones. I would not but them one. I only use my cell if I am leaving the house or on trip. It usually stays in my purse. I agree this is a problem and so is computer addiction. I only use my computer to write, e-mail, research and keep up with my Triond friends. I don’t have time for forums or games.

  17. Really liked this article. Informative and thanks for the warning.

  18. I pretty much only use my cell phone to keep in touch with my teenagers. My 16 year old has her phone with her all the time and I can hear the constant buzz of the vibrator when she gets texts. I’ve threatened to take it away from her a couple of times when I have found her talking on it late into the night.

  19. Wonderful article to raise awareness about this sort of addiction because it is a massive problem I think.I am glad I am not addicted to my mobile but there are many people I know who are. This article including the side effects you have mentioned here is definately a worthy read and an eye opener to anyone who is addicted to their mobile! Excellent work Ruby!

  20. My daughter is married to her cell phone =) As for me, maybe if I have many friends as her, I would be too! Thanks Ruby!

  21. Thank you everyone. Loved your comments.I am the last person to b e addicted to a cell phone. I don’t even hand my number out and I only turn it on when I go out in case of an emergency. I like privacy. I get aggravated at the house phone.

  22. Excellent article and so very true. The majority of people are addicted to their cell phones. Texting can definitely get out of hand. I had to call the phone company and tell them to block it. Anybody gets carried away these days and the phone plans are very expensive. I have one of the cheapest plans AT&T and have to pay $30 each month only on gov fees. talk about rip off.

  23. TOTALLY Agree with you article. I liked this so much I forwarded it to my kids (not that they’ll agree)….it makes me crazy that no matter where you go today people are on the phone…kids, teens, adults….in the park, at the mall, in restaruants, it does not matter, people chatting away…it makes me NUTS and sadly it gets worse everyday. God help the children of tomorrow. The social interaction is gone and being replaced by texting and Email. We are always connected …no wonder everyone is so stressed out….you can’t get away from it…everyone can ALWAYS get you. What happened to the simple life we knew from days gone by. Thank you for sharing a fabulous story.

  24. Iuse it only when I go out.Ithink its not v good manners to go on talking personally in the presence of others, unless very urgent.

  25. i think we can’t escape the cellphone as people today made it essential ..

  26. I agree… Its quite a big problem

  27. I only use my celfone as an alarm clock. Very nice info here. Thank you.

  28. Great article! I have a cell phone and only use it to call my daughter when we leave her home alone. y daughter refuses to own a cell phone because she is too cheap! She gets along fine wthout it!

  29. As a teen myself, I do love my mobile phone loads but unlike some of the peopel I know, I am not glued to it and I’m thankful in a way that I don’t overlove my phone. Like you said, there are health effects and I value my life more than I value texting a friend. It is good to keep in touch with those who we live with but like you said, an addiction isn’t always good. Good article. Me like! :D

  30. How true I can’t live without mine a fab read and write, good article.

  31. A great article Ruby and I think we do have to be careful. I seldom use mine but my wife can’t be without it. All three of my children are grown and only one of them is an active cell phone user. There is always good information in your articles.

  32. Its an addiction for them for sure, preying on their need to fit in and be popular.

  33. good article. People are too reliant on cell phones and blackberrys.

  34. I’m very much cell phone addicted. And I understand your points. Very truly said. It has its disadvantages. Nice write.

  35. Thank god I’m not that addicted.
    Great article.

  36. My children won’t have cell phones of their own until they can afford to pay for it by themselves. And when they get one, they will be coached on properly using it and respecting places where they are not to have one, like theaters and hospitals, meetings and your neighbour’s house. They will also be coached to keep them turned off while driving, as statistics have proven that such cell-phone use is dangerous. I am of the same opinion as you when it comes to cell phone over-usage. After all, by the time you’ve sent ten or twenty texts to complete a conversation, you will have paid more than if you had simply dialed a number and spoken directly. I guess pressing buttons is easier, lol.
    Thanks for sharing, and have a good day.

  37. kewl topic

  38. Good one!

  39. this is gr8 one.addiction is real bad

  40. very interesting topics..I totally agree with you that nowadays, most of people are addicted to either h/phone and computer or for sharing this cool stuff. :) :)

  41. I have a sex addiction!

  42. I’d be addicted to you sweet baby

  43. I used to be addicted to mine, but after my baby was born its taken a back seat so its not that bad now.

  44. We could have mental telepathy to render cellular technology useless but who is willing to train for it. We could only talk about the ill effects of cellphones but our way of life is dull and incomplete without it. As for me I await sony ericsson’s experia x2 to hit the market so i could make my comments on my friends here at triond even I’m on the move. Nice topic, Ruby.

  45. Well im a teenager and i got my own cellphone. I got 3 of them but i didn’t use it much compare to computers. Nice infomation from you and thanks for sharing with us the causes and dangers.

  46. I had a cell phone briefly. My experience with them is that they are a) expensive; b) Annoying (I don’t always want to be found.) c.) Confusing–computers are easier. Guess I’m not addicted.

  47. I only use my cellphone when its needed…Not for fun.

  48. yay cell phones

  49. whats a cell phone

  50. i once become a cellphone addict… thanks for sharing

  51. There is a lot of discussion these days about a possible massive terrorist attack using nukes or other unimaginable weapons. I’m convinced half of this idiotic nation wouldn’t even notice – they’d be too engrossed in their cellphone conversations…It has become absurd.

  52. yeah,,i have a thesis about cell phone addiction. Now i know, thanks for the comment. it have a bad effects and good. I’m one of the people who are addicted in cellphone. I don’t know that if continue to do that bad hobbies I will early yo die :-)

    by the way I’m Filipino

  53. thank you…great article.. now i can do my project…thakz a lot!!!! aja!!!!

  54. My 28 year old daughter (Adult and intelligent) is addicted to the use of her Mobile Phone. So much to a point where ever I visited her that I was competing with a Mobile Phone for attention. I think it is a sickness” No studies or hard data is necessary here to confirm this problem. That is for the ones who want to hide beind reality with numbers because it is too much of a problem to deal with in the first instance. Or” They simply can’t do much about it and pretend it’s not m uch of a problem. perhaps some of them are problem users themselfs?. It’s a sad world we live in where People are so bombarded and brain washed with so much crap! I am sick of it and this so called intelligent society.

  55. Hi! I simply don’t understand why Parents have to give their Kids a Mobile in the first place? It is not a must have thing. But a must have trend for Kids because of peer pressures from everywhere. Parents just don’t have effective controll over their Kids and easily give in to keep them happy. But! In the end, it is all at a cost some where. I say” You are the Parent… > So? Parent and be in controll and n ot vice versa

  56. I have a cell with close to 1,400(and counting) rollover minutes because I hates talking on it to much at all.At work we have a 20 yr old coworker ..this is all she does is talk via cell and doesnt work.
    There are some places the cell needs to be put away and do whats right.Kids dont need a cell if it is going interfere with what is important in life.I dont understand why the parents give them to them at a young age,I contribute it to lack of parent control and and insatant babysitter when the parents dont take enough interest.

  57. I did a video for an english class on cell phone addiction:

    I found it to be a pretty interesting subject.

  58. my cousin has cell phone addiction

  59. Thank you for helping bring this to light.
    I have seen pedestrians so preoccupied with talking on their cellphones that they step out into traffic and almost get hit.
    When I wait on customers who come to my window (I’m a postal clerk), sometimes they’re so preoccupied with their cellphones that they tell ME to hold on, or they don’t even respond to me. AND this when there’s a long line of people behind them.
    If people are texting when driving, it’s a sure bet that crack cocaine would produce a safer driver. At least they MIGHT be looking at the road.

    They need to take that pipe out of their ear!

  60. great post, i have learned a lot from your post. what you said are very useful,greatly widen my horizon Chinese Mobile phones

  61. im so addicted to my phone i cant go 10 minutes withoout checkign it…i bring it everywhere kitchen,bed,bathroom when i get a shower,when im doing laundry and even during my university classes….when my phone died one day at school i went home to charge it insted of going to class.

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