10 Wonderful Mudras with Amazing Healing Powers

Magics With Fingers.

Mudras, which are also mentioned as finger yoga in western countries, are very simple hand postures, but yet very powerful. They have the miracle of healing lot of health issues. There are lots of Mudras found in Yoga. Here are the top ten Mudras, with healing powers. You will not be able to see the changes on the first day itself. Regular practices will show you the miracles.

Though Mudras are mostly associated with Buddhism and Hinduism, it has nothing do with the religions. Mudras are all about making simple postures with your hands and fingers, giving benefits to your health and healing power to your body.

Points to Note before starting

  1. All postures should be done gently. Fingers should not be pressed hard.
  2. Need regular practice. You cannot expect miracles within few days.
  3. It is good to do the Mudras in the provided order, though it won’t do any harm if the order is changed.
  4. Best time to do is Morning and Evening, with fresh air flowing in.
  5. There is no time limit for each Mudras. You can practice as long as possible.
  6. It has nothing to do with religions.

Gyan Mudra

The word Gyan means knowledge in Sanskrit. It is also called as Mudra of Knowledge. Gently touch the tip of the thumb with the index finger as shown.  Rest of the fingers should be stretched out and keep the straight, upright.


  1. Enhances concentration power and hence help in knowledge development.
  2. Helps to recover from mental disorders.
  3. Gives you peaceful sleep, gets rid of Insomnia.
  4. Increases Memory power.
  5. Helps to get rid of chronic headaches and depressions.
  6. Plays important role in anger management too.

Prana Mudra

The word Prana means life in Sanskrit. It is a Mudra of Life. Bring together the tips of little finger, middle finger and thumb as shown. Rest of the fingers should be stretched out straight, pointing upright.


  1. It helps to improve the immunity system.
  2. Makes you energetic and helps in getting rid of Insomnia.
  3. Helps to improve eye sight.
  4. Makes healthy and strong.

Vayu Mudra

The term Vayu means Air. It is the Mudra of Air. Bend and touch the base of the thumb with the tip of the index finger. The lightly press the index finger with the thumb as shown. Stretch the other fingers straight, upright.

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  1. Nice one to share…Great information

  2. Great post. I had to print this until the memory mudra kicked in.

  3. Thanks for sharing…is there any specific time for doing this?whats the duration of doing it?

  4. Thanks for sharing. I’ll come back for a more detailed read.

  5. Radhika, no specific duration…. I do each for 60secs and memory mudra for 5 mins :)

  6. thnx for yr efforts
    can mudra be done while walking,,,,or while on bed…..will it work properly or any ristrictions in it..

  7. Dear Ali,

    Mudras will not be perfect if you do while walking. Also you won’t get the proper benefit if you do lying on bed. Bcoz, ur concentration won’t be proper.

    Though there is no restrictions as such, it is good to do it in the morning, sitting in a peaceful place with fresh air and do. Your blood circulation will add to the benefits.

  8. Mythili, A very good article for all. Regular practice will do wonders…Thank you for sharing and for your effort in posting with the drawings…

    Love, Chellamma

  9. So sweet of you chellama. Thanks for your words and sharing it :)
    With Love – ur meetu

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