15 Common Illnesses and the Corresponding Herbal Plant

These herbal plants have been proven effective and have been in use for hundreds of years.

During economic crisis like this, let’s all be practical, save money by treating common illnesses and sickness by using alternative medicines like herbal plants. These herbal plants have been proven effective and have been in used for hundreds of years. Tropical countries like the Philippines are endowed by nature with plenty of plants which can provide health and medicinal benefits to humans. Here are some herbal plants and the medicinal benefits they provide.

Herbal Plants for Cough

1. Blumea balsamifera

This herbal plant is locally called sambong in the Philippines. Just boil the leaves and drink like a tea 3x a day. Commercial tea bags are available in the markets.  The leaves can also be crushed or pounded and mixed with coconut oil and apply at the back of the patient. See image  here. Other health benefits from this plant include the following;

  • Good as a diuretic agent
  • Effective in the dissolving kidney stones
  • Aids in treating hypertension & rheumatism
  • Treatment of colds & fever
  • Anti-diarrheic & Anti-gastralgic properties
  • Helps remove worms, boils
  • Treats dysentery and sore throat

2. Aswete

Aswete is an herbal plant in the Philippines where the matured seeds are used for food coloring. Apply oil on two leaves and patch it at the back of the patient. It is also a good remedy for injured bone because it helps relieve pain and inflammation. See image here.

Coleus aromaticus

Image Source

Oregano is the local name of this herbal plant. To treat cough, a teaspoonful of extracted juice from the leaves is taken every 2 hours. The extract is also good for asthma and bronchitis.

3. Allium odorum

Crush some leaves and apply at the back of the patient. It can also cure lump, just apply it on the affected area. See image of herbal plant here.

Herbal Plants for Fever

4. Manihot esculenta

Image Source

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  1. There are some interesting plants in this article, I have not heard of some.
    It is funny how the western world tends to not use natural rememdies anymore (health and saftey. Here in Cyprus the locals use lots. Interesting article.

  2. I like this because you have used unusual types of plants uncommon to my area. A wonderful tool for learning. I’ll come back to this article more than once.

  3. Good article with a lot of valuable information. Herbal shops have been booming in the United States for the last 20 years. Good stuff.

  4. A good and informative article, I believe strongly in herbal treatments and I expect there is a cure in nature for every ailment. Unfortunately such medicines are a bit too expensive for me.

  5. Awesome article! Great to see this kind of article being written. Well done my friend.

  6. A brilliant article, nobert. I would love to try some of these, though I am not sure that you can get the leaves too readily in England.


  7. Healthy herbal plants,and cheaper,in fact.

  8. It’s interesting how natural medicines are becoming more and more available, but we still don’t know much about their properties, so you’re article is very welcome.

  9. Can’t say I have heard of a lot of these remedies Norbert but may have to try some out.



  10. Amazing that you know all this — I’ve not heard of most of these at all – you did well to put this together, must have taken a lot of work and research. WEll done.

  11. This is very informative!!! I enjoyed reading it!
    check out my stuff?

  12. what about pot?

  13. Wow nobert lots of good information here. Great article

  14. Nobert, good information here. Even as a nurse I use many herbal remedies for myself and family. Just make sure your readers know if the herbal remedies don’t work and their condition worsens please see a doctor.

  15. I’m off to pluck some hibiscus – you don’t need hibiscus tea – just pluck the blooms and add hot water HEAVEN

    Thanks Norbert , j

  16. This is a well-researched and helpful article.

  17. Lots of helpful information. Thanks!

  18. This is a wonderful write and you did a marvelous job with it. I have heard of most of these herbs but a couple, though I knew of them, surprised me with their usefulness.

    Very interesting, nobert.

  19. Nobert, I’ve done a lot of research on herbal remedies and you have quite a few here I have not heard of. I loved the pictures. Thanks for the information.

    Take care & G♥d bless!

  20. Great info!

  21. Invaluable information here.

  22. i am from the philippines and am quite familiar with almost all the plants you mentioned here. the pictures helped a lot in identifying the herbs/plants since i am not familiar with the scientific names. i will share this with friends and families, who i know will welcome this new knowledge. Thank you very much!!

  23. nice….
    it can help to our community, especially now because we are facing global eonomical crisis…
    hope this article will be used . .


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  26. ohh come’on at the same time my article and your article is the same my website is also herbal medicine …
    what proggramed you use to create a webpage or website?

  27. great article!
    instead of having to buy in the stores, we can just take some of our local plants for treating majority of our common illnesses. hope more people read about this.
    thanks for sharing!

  28. Great site, great pics. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to many more imputs.

  29. thank so much for the valuable information but can i ask some question regarding in one of that 15 herbal plant?/
    ahmm what are the benefits of katuray flower or sesbania grandiflora?? in our health.. aside that it can cure headache?? thank so much.. ^^

  30. tanks for such an information

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