15 Unique Uses of the Hibiscus Flower

There are many uses of hibiscus, including beauty, medicines and dyes. Do you know that some tribes are using this flower for fighting cancer?

There are 5000 varieties in China rose or shoe flower, Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa sinensis). There are many uses of hibiscus, including beauty tips, medicines and dyes. Do you know that some tribes are using this flower for cancer? Many colors of Hibiscus are available. Of all these white one has much importance in medicine.

  1. The chemicals in hibiscus flower helps in growth of hair. It reduces dandruff and makes the hair black.
  2. The natural oil in this flower acts as a good conditioner
  3. This flower can be used as natural dye for hair
  4. The oil in this flower can be applied to the skin of patients who are suffering from cellulite which makes the skin to glow
  5. The ash obtained by burning the flower and leaves of this flower can be applied to eyebrows which glazes them black
  6. This flower can be used as shoe polish by rubbing it on the shoe
  7. Hibiscus flower can be used as contraceptive. The oil from this flower is used for abortion in some tribes in Jamaica.
  8. Jamaicans use this flower in herbal tea as it contains many minerals and vitamins
  9. The juice from these leaves and flowers can regularize the menstrual cycle
  10. Ayurveda says the medicine made from its roots can be used as a prevention of venereal diseases
  11. According to traditional medicine if we eat the buds of white hibiscus flowers early in the morning on empty stomach it should cure all the diseases. We can mix sugar if we are unable to eat directly.
  12. This flower improves digestion. Hence raw flowers are eaten by Hawaiian people, and Chinese eat this flower by making pickle.
  13. The fiber from this stem is qualitative. This can be used in manufacturing of clothes, nets and paper.
  14. The roots of hibiscus are boiled in oil until the water gets evaporated. Then the oil can be applied to the wounds caused by cancer. This can be very useful in initial stage of cancer.
  15. According to the traditional medicine, the flowers of white Hibiscus can be dried in the shade of neem tree. Then they can be powdered and it can be used to fight all cancers.

Presently research is being conducted on this flower. Let us wait for the results and see how many more uses this flower has!

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  1. It’s great that they are finding out healthy and organic alternatives for diseases and ailments. I hope using flowers is just one step closer to the victory line.

  2. Wonderful findings, wonderful article.

  3. Excellent article.Very interesting.

  4. Very interesting information. Thank you.

  5. great job

  6. Hi there, came here when I was looking for info on hibiscus..All your posts are very nice. I have a blog of my own, do u mind if i use this info in it ?? pls let me know..

  7. canser..really? Where is this info comming from? I would like to know. Very nice article…Intriguing.

  8. The information of hibiscus flower is wonderful, I heartly thanks the writer.


  9. really its very – very goooooooooooooood

  10. Valli, I enjoyed your article even more the second time. I love this type of info.

  11. where do you buy this oil from?

  12. @vp, you can find just about any type of essential oil in a health food store or online. Or you can make your own hibiscus oil with the available distillers at market.

  13. i was really thrilled to know the wonderfu uses of this great beautiful flower. little flower with many miracles hidden.

  14. Thanks for the comment rubeena.

  15. fantastic n useful article

  16. I’m eating hibiscus flower right now!

  17. Yummy I love hibiscus flowers. When they are sweetened and dried they are so delicious.

  18. Trader joes has hibiscus flowers that are sweetened and then dried. They taste sweet and tart kind of like a mild cranberry taste. I had to put the bag away before I ate too many.

  19. would like to know more abt its uses with regarding to hair growth !
    will it really increases hair density and also helps in regrowth of hair when the type of hair is non-bald ???

  20. hope for your early reply !

  21. thanks for the information..really helpful

  22. I don’t know there are so many uses of hibiscus flowers. You’ve shared with me important info here, and thanks for your effot. Give you “liked it”

  23. hi how can i applie this flower to my hair to regrowth my hair

    please give me replay

  24. Prakash, there are two ways to apply this flower. First one is boil the flowers in coconut oil on low flame for some time. Filter this after cooling and pour in a container. Apply daily to your hair and another one is dry the flowers and make it powder. Mix this powder in coconut oil and apply to hair daily. You can follow your convenient method, but use clean flowers.

  25. thanks very interesting.

  26. Hello. Thank you for posting such great information. May we use some of this info on our web site (linking you of course)?

    Check out our web site for a Hibiscus (Karkadee) henna tip. You may add this to your list of uses if you please.

    Again, many thanks.


  27. when eating this flower in early morning ( empty stomach ),
    the full body remains very cool. it reduces the heat of the body.

  28. When I was growing up my father had planted beautiful hibiscus with different colors in the yard. I was told that drinking the hibiscus tea was good for the heart. It was given to my dad for a while, I wish on a regular basis. Also my siter used to make the extract by boiling the hibiscus with coconut oil and henna leaves and other ingredients to make a concoction and applied on her hair for years. She had beautiful thick long black hair till she used it…Wish I had done it when my husband grew them recently till the freeze killed the huge tree.Now he has planted more of them at my instience. Nice to read it again.But what do they do about the eyebrows?

  29. Does anyone know how to use it as a contraceptive? how to make the paste with starch?

  30. My mother has told me of the several medicinal properties of hibiscus many years back.In fact mum grew some in our compound.
    My friend exports hibiscus to europe where it is used as ingredient,possibly as a colorant in wine making

  31. Its amazing….I got some interesting knowledge abt hibiscus…thank you

  32. What Jamaican Tribe are you referring to?
    Where did you get that this ‘Tribe’ uses hibiscus for
    abortions? Point to the research you did please.
    If not this is false and should be removed

  33. Valli, I found out that Rose of Sharon is one of the types of hibiscus and in looking it up found that making a tea from the petals helps to reduce hypertension. I looked it up because my friend’s dog kept eating them and she was worried about it.

  34. very interesting article i was amazed on reading it.i gathered more information.thanks for the writers effort.

  35. I was wondering would it be safe to eat the dried hibiscus from tea bags instead of making the tea?

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